Solo Leveling Anime Website Has Been Registered By Same Studio As Sword Art Online

Published on June 6th, 2022

The Solo Leveling anime website titled “” has been registered by a Tokyo (Japan) based company, GMO Internet, the same company is also responsible for Sword Art Online anime website.

The rumours of Solo Leveling getting an anime adaptation has been going on for quite a while now, but this is probably the first time we have some ‘real’ evidence of the hit manhwa series getting an anime adaptation. Anime and Manhwa fans from worldwide have demanded an anime adaptation for quite a while now, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, it was believed that Solo Leveling will never get an anime. If the series ever got an animated project, it won’t be animated by Japan based animation studio, but it looks like fans are finally getting an anime series.

Solo Leveling anime website

A Solo Leveling anime domain has been going viral on social media, but if you visit the website, there is nothing to be found there. After looking at the details about who is the company that has registered this website, it was found to be GMO Internet. Based on the fact that both, Solo Leveling and Sword Art Online anime website have the same company behind the registration, it is believed that Solo Leveling will be animated by A-1 Pictures as well. According to an anime Twitter account, @_AnimeHype, “SL anime will be produced by (Aniplex x Crunchyroll). The announcement should normally be next month (July)”.

Solo leveling is a South Korean manhwa that was serialized back in 2016. The manhwa series ended the publication in 2022. Originally Solo Leveling was a web novel written by Chugong, in 2014, under the name Only I Level Up. The series tells the story of a weak hunter, After a horrifying incident, he gets the ability to increase (level up) his powers by fighting monsters.

What are your thought on Solo Leveling anime adaptation? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

13 thoughts on “Solo Leveling Anime Website Has Been Registered By Same Studio As Sword Art Online

    1. What makes you believe that the shadows are made in 3d? being that studio A-1 normally makes the animations of the monsters in 2d.

  1. Solo Leveling is an awesome novel. I’m an SAO fanatic and I believe Solo Leveling is even better than SAO! It can be the best anime out there if done right. I’m very optimistic if it’s to be done by the same people who made SAO come to life.

  2. I’m sorry I hadn’t heard of this but I will certainly check it* out if it comes to fruition because, much to most others dismay, I like SAO (being in the neighbourhood of AI and Robotics I love Yui, Alice and even Pina).

    *I do realise they would only be sharing an animation studio and web designer, not any story or themes, but it could be a look/art-style I’m already very familiar with.

  3. I don’t believe they will animate without altering the story considering how Japan was portraited and treated in SL

  4. Seriously this SL get so hype of this manhwa..2D or 3D idc..both of the art has it own charm..waku waku

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