Takt Op Destiny Episode 4 Release Date, Preview Images & Spoilers

The most anticipated anime of Fall 2021, Takt Op. Destiny is getting more and more exciting with each episode. MAPPA and Madhouse together are making the best out of the show and the promising results are proof of it. The audience has got hooked up to the series and is patiently waiting for the upcoming episode 4 of Takt Op. Destiny.

What Happened In Episode 3?

After a serious attack in the music festival by a D2 group, Takt and Cosette somehow managed to take control of the situation. Due to their fatal injury, they felt helpless, and in scene two new characters, Lenny and Titan were introduced.

Later on, we came to know that Cosette has lost her memory and now has been reborn as a Musicart named ‘Destiny’. To control the continuous D2 attacks and treat Cosette back to normal, Takt and the other group members decides to go to New York City.

In the latest episode, a mysterious woman was also seen on the roof and it looks like someone is controlling the D2 invaded from behind. Now, who is behind all this massacre, the upcoming episode 4 of Takt Op. Destiny will elaborate on this clearly.

Episode 4

The official YouTube channel of Studio Mappa has revealed the preview for episode 4:

Episode 4 Release Date

Takt Op. Destiny episode 4 is scheduled to be broadcast on October 27 at 12:00 AM JST. It is available on Crunchyroll and premium users can watch it on the same day. Free users have to wait for a week to watch it.

Release Time

For your convenience, here is the exact release timing of Takt Op. Destiny episode 4:

• Pacific Time (US & Canada): 8:00 AM (Oct 26)
• Eastern Time (US & Canada): 11:00 AM (Oct 26)
• Philippines Time: 11:00 PM (Oct 26)
• India Time: 8:30 PM (Oct 26)

Takt Op. Destiny is coming up with something new with each episode and the animation quality is also looking clean with the art style. Till now, the series is doing good, let’s see what comes next in the show.


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