The Solo Leveling Anime Might Not Follow The Original Manhwa Series

After years of petitions and what seemed to be an endless amount of wait time, Solo Leveling is finally getting an anime adaptation! However, after taking a deeper look at the trailer and other info we’ve seen for the upcoming series, a new question arises (see what I did there). What exactly is Studio A-1 adapting?

Most fans will know of Sung Jin-Woo and his adventures through the Solo Leveling manhwa; however, that’s not the only way you can read his story.

Before being illustrated in its full glory by Redice Studio, the series was originally a well-known South Korean web novel known under the name, Only I Level Up. Written by Chugong, the original novel quickly gained popularity within South Korea before eventually getting translated and taking the world by storm. From there, the series was adapted into a source accurate manhwa that only boosted the series’ popularity and fanbase.

So which of these is Studio A-1 adapting into their anime, you ask? Well, neither. The anime will instead be following the recently released Japanese Solo Leveling light novel. Although the general plot will stay the same, this does mean that there will still be a couple of changes from what Korean light novel and manhwa readers are expecting.

The first of these changes is the characters’ names. Something that can already be seen in the Japanese version of the internet-breaking trailer, where the name Sung Jin-Woo was changed to Shun Mizushino.

The Japanese light novel makes a handful of other subtle changes, like art styles, based on Japanese influence. These changes may or may not be translated into anime.

Seeing as how there is some controversy around the series currently regarding its “Anti Japan” stance, something that was also altered in the Japanese light novel, Studio A-1 may use this adaptation of the series as a way to alter their anime as well.

We don’t know for sure what Studio A-1 has planned for this anime, but whatever it is, we’ll be watching with a close eye. For now, tell us what do you think of these possible changes? Will it change how you view the anime, or are you still as excited as before? As always, we here at Anime Senpai love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so be sure to drop them in the comments section below!

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