The Solo Leveling Anime Might Not Follow The Original Manhwa Series

Published on July 14th, 2022

After years of petitions and what seemed to be an endless amount of wait time, Solo Leveling is finally getting an anime adaptation! However, after taking a deeper look at the trailer and other info we’ve seen for the upcoming series, a new question arises (see what I did there). What exactly is Studio A-1 adapting?

Most fans will know of Sung Jin-Woo and his adventures through the Solo Leveling manhwa; however, that’s not the only way you can read his story.

Before being illustrated in its full glory by Redice Studio, the series was originally a well-known South Korean web novel known under the name, Only I Level Up. Written by Chugong, the original novel quickly gained popularity within South Korea before eventually getting translated and taking the world by storm. From there, the series was adapted into a source accurate manhwa that only boosted the series’ popularity and fanbase.

So which of these is Studio A-1 adapting into their anime, you ask? Well, neither. The anime will instead be following the recently released Japanese Solo Leveling light novel. Although the general plot will stay the same, this does mean that there will still be a couple of changes from what Korean light novel and manhwa readers are expecting.

The first of these changes is the characters’ names. Something that can already be seen in the Japanese version of the internet-breaking trailer, where the name Sung Jin-Woo was changed to Shun Mizushino.

The Japanese light novel makes a handful of other subtle changes, like art styles, based on Japanese influence. These changes may or may not be translated into anime.

Seeing as how there is some controversy around the series currently regarding its “Anti Japan” stance, something that was also altered in the Japanese light novel, Studio A-1 may use this adaptation of the series as a way to alter their anime as well.

We don’t know for sure what Studio A-1 has planned for this anime, but whatever it is, we’ll be watching with a close eye. For now, tell us what do you think of these possible changes? Will it change how you view the anime, or are you still as excited as before? As always, we here at Anime Senpai love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so be sure to drop them in the comments section below!

42 thoughts on “The Solo Leveling Anime Might Not Follow The Original Manhwa Series

  1. I mean yes it is going to be a bit different as they’re adapting to Japanese style animation, but I’m still excited for it . After such a long wait, we can finally watch it animated tho i would like to see it follow the original storyline, like a different version, of korean sung jin woo, I’ll be thrilled!!

    1. I’m exposed too but respect for solo leveling author choice is more important
      If they change his name who will now his original name his a legend after all. I personally don’t want any changes to solo leveling and don’t want Japanese version on our boy Jin woo sorry not sorry

    2. I think they should at least follow the orignal art style in anime as thats the best art style that can represent MC lol.I am very excited though can’t wait for the legend ti start again…but was it necessary to change fron jun Woo to something like Mizushuno?? lol 😆

    3. (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
      this is 🤧😭😭😭😭 kyaaaaa!! Im sooo excited that i dont know myself anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    4. If they changed the anime style from the original manhwa, I probably wouldn’t watched the anime. Besides, what I like about solo leveling is Sung ji woo’s handsome face. If the mc style character changes to SJW image (above), then that’s disappointing. I don’t like that style. I prefer reading manga than watching anime with a different style of Sung Ji Woo

  2. Why they want change his frickin name it’s such rude if they do this
    Seriously why? What’s wrong with Korean name in Japanese version of anime. His name is important to many manhwa readers (you know Sung Jin-Woo is well known in our community and I know why people disagree with changes)
    I personally love his original Korean name and don’t have problem with his name in Japanese anime. Please respect author of solo leveling author choice and don’t change thi. Thank you

    1. Is the Author himself that Made the Japanese Light Novel Adaptation and Changed the Name of Jin woo, Respect his Decision for His Work.

  3. Siento que al modificar la trama a japonés le quita ese toque original del manhwa, me molestó un poco el saber que cambiarán su nombre de sung jin-woo, me quito un poco lo emocionado que estaba al saber que saldría, solo espero que si harán estos cambios no arruinen tal belleza de manhwa

    I feel that modifying the plot to Japanese takes away that original touch of manhwa, I was a little upset to know that they will change his name from sung jin-woo, it took away a little of the excitement I was having when I knew he was coming out, I just hope that if they make these changes they will not ruin such a beautiful manhwa.

  4. if his name and appearance will be changed, then that will be a different person, and not the shadow monarch Sung Jinwoo that we know..

    1. Im hyped for Solo Leveling’s anime adaptation and disappointed at the same time…..BRO SUNG JIN-WOO IS A KOREAN WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE HIS NATIONALITY INTO JAPANESE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE ANIMATED THE MANHWA IN THE FIRST PLACE, RESPECT THE AUTHOR AND MANHWA, THE WHOLE FANDOM IS DISAPPOINTED, IMAGINING PEOPLE THINKING SOLO LEVELING IS A JAPANESE ANIME IN THE FUTURE MAKES ME SO DISAPPOINTED….just try and changing the enemy into korea and we’ll make sure y’all will get the hate that you deserve. But seriously you’re gonna change plot for a stupid reason? And yeah the jeju island arc enemy is japan but that doesn’t mean you can just change the plot and make korea the enemy, if you got offended then don’t bother making an anime adaption for it let the enemy be japan, im sure some manga/anime has korea as one of the enemies in the manga/anime, and why would you be offended every country becomes an enemy in any story.

      I hate this decision Studio A-1, sorry not sorry.

      1. Hhhhhhmmm I’m sorry but what the actual heck is this god of highschool was made without changing the name of the characters or the art style and it was perfect well not perfect but it was undeniably good and what the heck is with that trash fantasy character look that they’re giving to sung jin woo it’s utterly irritating it looks disgusting they should cancel the contract and go to the studio that made god of highschool. And why is that utter trash studio angry that Japan is the enemy movies have been made where the nationality of the movie makers are the bad guys so what is the issue with being the bad guys in an anime let me predict how the anime would go they’ll get a lot of sales on the first episode and lose a lot as the anime progresses on. And they’ll lose even more fans if they change Jin woo’s personality or any of the characters and if they make the characters have the personality of trash fantasy characters where it’s always females that are around the MC and the MC is a submissive character to any woman that approaches him then no one no one absolutely no one should watch that type of an anime

      2. Its actually sad to see people hating A1 for this, The Author Himself wrote the Japanese Light Novel and Made the Name change NOT THE STUDIO A1 🤦‍♂️

  5. I didnt like his Japanese name of “Shun Mizushino”. I always adding either “kun” or “chan” to all of my husbandos and Mizushino-kun/chan sound like uhmmm #. Also changing his looks was so disappointing. But I cant do anything about it, just hoping that they will make him cool, hot and manly. And a little buffed when he was leveled up and a bit of fan service hihi. Lastly, they shouldnt rush the storyline like GOH.

  6. I rather not have any changes to the OG story only for them to add in Japanese Influences in a Korean comic if it doesn’t have much japanese influences, I hope the changes isn’t because it’s being produced in Japan for the animation. Really hoping this is just a random rumor stirred up by some random netizen but yeah. I see no real reason to change anything Korean-related like names, to a Japanese ones. If this rumor is true, 🙁 I would wonder why the author would agree to the changes.

  7. i’m okay with the animation being adapted to the japanese ways, however changing the main characters name will confuse all of the manhwa readers and will take away the effect the manhwa had especially by changing the story line. if the changes are big, all of the manhwa readers could be disappointed.

  8. I can’t accept the name change, i always use jin woo’s pfp so his appearance change also not acceptable, i understand a bit story change due to anti japnese stance but not others ❌

  9. there are no viewers if the animated is korea because they only want kpop don’t animate because the ugly doesn’t have any originality just take care of kpop because they won’t like it Koreans don’t like that because they like kpop idol and kpop song movie we are anime fans in japan they are even better because they have a heart but when you animated in korea nothing is ugly

      1. Why why why did I forget as this world was cruel All those years I worked hard to wait for this work All those days I crossed my limits I got back to him again Just to wake up and find I am my hero His name is changed How do you believe that this world is safe the enemy haha The system takes me and me use the system This is what the system wants Seong Jin-Woo stronger How do you want me to extend this name, cruel world, no, a thousand no, never anything that can be changed other than this name: “Lord of Shadows Seong Jin-Woo.”

  10. We waited for than 2 years and this is what they gave to us We dont need JAPAN to animate SL just let KR animate SL so what if your offended about the jeju island arc whats with the fcking name bruhhh its ok if you just change the plot by little but the changes in names bruhhhh its better to let Chinese People to animate this than letting the Japanese destroy the Stories

  11. If you change the story and the characters you don’t have the original you got a cheap knockoff if the names aren’t brought back to the original I’ll skip the anime and pretend it never existed and just stay in the good days of the manhwa and from what I’ve heard the change is because Japan was shown as weak in the Juju island arc but if you read a bit further you can also see that every other country is just as weak when facing monsters that defy every rule we know of like how on earth would anyone be expected to fight a jet plane using a damn spear obviously they’re weak compared to inter dimensional monsters if they weren’t they’d be a threat to the human race

  12. I don’t know how else to say this but this is pure STUPIDITY. The whole reason for fans wanting this adapted was because of the Art style, Storyline, everything in general. If they go ahead and change anything they should expect fans to shower them with endless negative energy.

  13. Well, the Japanese Official Translation for the Manhwa already changed stuff, not surprised the Novel did as well, beside names being Japanese, the main area is Japan and Tokyo instead of Korea and Seoul, so Team Japan that appear later on, got named Team DNF from DNF country and Jeju island got renamed and turned into a fictional place, so if it follow that

    In the end these changes were done, because of the author fault, all the shit he threw to the japaneses in twitter that later regretted, they had to do something about his work

  14. I think it is the worst for solo leveling fans that your changing the name from Sung Jin Woo to mizushino something . I mean anything but that . Sung Jin Woo is not just a name its a brand. Even the ones who haven’t read the manhwa knows his name.Thats how popular it is. And if you really hate that so much then just drop the animation.Let the Korean studio do it.And I bet if you change the minor details that makes the story masterpiece you will have to see the worst of SL fandom. Sorry not sorry.

  15. I can’t believe just because the author shit in Japan in the Jeju Island arc all these stupid changes are coming to the anime. The whole community fell in love with SUNG JIN-WOO not some Japanese Shun Mizushino. These changes announced are both alarming and disappointing. I truly hope they use the web novel and manhwa adaptation as the source and don’t change the foundation of the story(the setting i.e Korea, the character names, art style imo and plot) just because the author offended Japanese people on twitter, not that he is completely avoid of taking responsibility for that. Personally I believe that it’s critical for the author to give his input of the situation concerning the anime adaptation and I think most others would agree. I really hope A-1 and everyone involved in the Solo Leveling Anime adaptation gets their game together to not butcher an amazing manhwa that took the world by storm. That’s it for my little rant tho, tell me what you guys think!

  16. The name of the costume brought me into the world of manhwa and the novel Song Jin Woo How can I watch the anime of individual settlement without the name of the manhwa hero Song Jin Woo In my opinion, this is an injustice important, the world is cruel, this is the harshest hit of a success story in the world

  17. i mean.. everyone pretty much expected it to be different if it gets an animation. We all read it so i’m just excited to see how much of it will get adapted and except for the obvious ones, which other parts are gonna be changed.

  18. For all the Goofballs saying “I hate this Change” and Blaming the Studio, Stop being Unreasonable and childish The Japanese Light Novel WAS WRITTEN by Chugong The Author of SL himself He Made the Changes you Hate so Much, why are Blaming A1 for just Adapting what is already done by The Author himself?? What Happened to “respect the authors work” huh??

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