There Is A Manga Inspired By Russian President, Viladmir Putin

Viladmir Putin is a Russian politician who has been president of Russia since 2012. Before the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he has been seen as a symbol of strength and power by many people. Even, there is a manga series inspired by Vladmir Putin.

Manga series, Ride on King is written and drawn by Yasushi Baba, which is serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius. Before going into the plot of the manga series, something important to know is that the series is popular in Japan. It also made the list of Japanese Bookstore Recommended Top 15 manga series. A poll was conducted from 1,100 professional bookstore employees in Japan to pick top 15 manga having less than 5 volumes, and Ride on King ranked 10th on the list. Surprisingly enough, there is still no Wikipedia page created for this manga series yet.


The main character of the manga is called Alexander Plutinov, who is the president of Republic of Prusia, and loved by his citizens. Plutinov is a master of martial arts, and he desires to conquer and ride all kinds of things. He has conquered wild beasts, machines and even a nation. One day, he is going to work while riding on his pet Tiger when is suddenly attacked by some assassins. Plutinov is a fighter, so he easily beats them. But an incident happens afterwards, which knocks him out, and when he finally wakes up, he finds himself in a bizarre world of Orcs, Elves, and monsters. Plutinov is ready to ride on every kind of beasts.

Where To Read

Isekai-Fantasy series, Ride on King currently has more than 40 chapters released. If you want to read the official English version, you can find it on Sol Press website, however, there website is most of the time. You can find the English translated manga on many websites, but that won’t be officially licensed.

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