This New Anime Might Be Worse Than Ex-Arm

It looks like Ex-Arm anime might have found a worthy rival in terms of animation quality. A new anime titled “Tesla Note” has been released, which is being considered worse than Ex-Arm.

In case you don’t know about Ex-Arm, it was released in January 2021. The series heavily relied on 3d animation technology, but the experiment failed. Ex-Arm is one of the lowest rated anime series on MAL with a rating of 2.96. It looks like Japan haven’t learned the lesson yet that 3d doesn’t work well in the anime.


Tesla Note is the first anime from new studio called Gambit. The anime series is being compared with Ex-Arm for heavily relying on CGI. Some fans are even calling it the 2nd season of Ex-Arm. Although, the story is pretty ok, but the animation is really not ok. Ex-Arm is currently rated 5.59 on MyAnimeList, which is most likely to go down as more episodes will come out.


Mission T is a covert operation to save the world from being destroyed. Botan Negoro is trained from a young age to become an ultimate ninja spy. He teams up with another excellent spy called Kuruma. Their goal is to find the legacy of the genius inventor Nikola Tesla, the “Shards of Tesla.” Can they both thwart other countries’ agents who are also pursuing these fragments? A super-original spy thriller begins. (Source: My Anime List)

Where To Watch?

If you are still planning to watch this series, you can stream it right now on Funimation platform. The anime is listed with 13 episodes. If you want to watch some of the best new anime, we have a list of Top 10 most anticipated anime of Fall 2021.

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