Top 10 Most Viewed Anime Videos on YouTube In 2022

2022 has been an excellent year for anime as we not only got to see some 10/10 anime series but also got to hear so many anime songs that got hit on Youtube. Digital Creators, a website run by AnalyzeLog.Inc which tracks Japanese Youtubers and Japanese videos on Youtube, released a list of the most viewed videos in the “Entertainment” category, which included numerous anime-related titles.

After sifting through the list, we’ve compiled a top 10 of the most popular anime videos of the year 2022. Without further ado, here are the results.

most viewed anime videos on YouTube 2022

3. Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2 Ending Song “Akuma No Ko” by Ai Higuchi |>19 million views|

  • Channel Name: ぽにきゃん-Anime PONY CANYON (640k Subscribers)
  • Date of Upload: 10 January 2022

“Akuma No Ko” perfectly captured the essence of this portion of Attack on Titan, showcasing Eren’s youthful naivety. The song features a gentle, mellow melody that carries throughout, with a brief moment of tension building up to the chorus. However, the chorus itself is soothing and calming, providing a nice contrast. The music video for this song is also visually appealing, making it the standout ending sequence for this anime franchise.

2. Chainsaw Man Opening Song “KICK BACK” by Kenshi Yonezu |>54 million views|

  • Name of Channel: MAPPA CHANNEL (1.04 Million Subscribers)
  • Date of Upload: 12 October 2022

“KICK BACK” is a metal-rock-themed song representing the central theme of Chainsaw Man. The guitar mainly supports the music as you hear metal guitar throughout the song. The biggest catch of this song is the movie references shadowed in each video scene. The video also shows the cast, which will appear throughout the show. The biggest problem with this opening was how some fans wanted Chainsaw Man to be redone because of its bad songs and music.

Plot: “Chainsaw Man,” tells the tale of Denji, a young man desperate to spend the rest of his days with the woman he loves. To pay off his debts, he is forced to turn to killing demons with the assistance of his pet devil, Pochita. Tragically, Denji experiences a series of unfortunate events that lead to him forming a bond with Pochita, giving him the power to transform into a chainsaw.

1. Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2 Opening Song “The Rumbling” by SIM |57 million views|

  • Channel Name: ぽにきゃん-Anime PONY CANYON (640k Subscribers)
  • Date of Upload: 10 January 2022

The most viewed anime video on YouTube was the highly anticipated opening song for Attack on Titan season 4, “The Rumbling.” The metal-infused track, complete with a driving drumbeat, quickly gained popularity among fans.

The music video features a series of flashbacks from previous seasons, highlighting the contrast between the past and the difficult present, and ends with a tantalizing glimpse of the much-anticipated Power of the Founding Titan- The Rumbling. It’s no surprise that this song racked up so many views.

Plot: In the second part of Attack on Titan: Final Season, the conflict between the Eldians and the Yeagerists continues. Eren, who is being controlled by his half-brother Zeke (the Beast Titan), is a threat to humanity. His friends Mikasa and Armin are determined to stop him, but they are unsure if they will be able to. There is a possibility that Eren has other motives that nobody has considered.

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The other seven anime-related videos are:

PositionVideo DetailsChannel NameUpload date
4.Chainsaw Man – Main Trailer |15 million views|MAPPA CHANNEL19 September 2022
5.Chainsaw Man – Third Ending Song |15 million views|MAPPA CHANNEL26 October 2022
6.Spy x Family Part 1 – Opening Song |14 million views|TOHO animation チャンネル16 April 2022
7.Paripi Koumei – Opening Song |13 million views|avex pictures12 April 2022
8.Spy x Family Part 2 – Opening Song |13 million views|TOHO animation チャンネル28 September 2022
9.Demon Slayer Season 3 – 1st PV |11 million views|Aniplex Channel16 April 2022
10.One Piece Film Red – Notice Trailer |10 million views|One Piece Official Youtube Channel8 June 2022

What was your favourite anime video from this list? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

Source: Digital Creators

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