Top 6 Manhwa To Read After Solo Leveling

The Solo Leveling manhwa recently ended with chapter 179, and now there are sure to be many fans looking for a new series to fill that Solo Leveling sized hole in their hearts. Well, I have good news for you readers, right here we have compiled six series you should try reading after Solo Leveling! You’re probably looking for some similarly-themed manhwa series, with good art, and a well-developed story. If that’s what you are looking for you’ve come to the right place!

But, before we jump into that there is one more piece of exciting news, currently, there is a rumor going around that Solo Leveling is getting its own anime adaptation, so be sure to check that article if you have not already. Ok now with that out of the way let’s jump right into the top six manhwa to read after Solo Leveling!

Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King Chapter 216: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read  Online - Anime News And Facts

First up we have the series Tomb Raider King…. a series that is known to be very similar to Solo Leveling. With an almost exact concept, Tomb Raider King is the perfect manhwa to read in absence of Solo Leveling. And it’s not only the plot that is similar, the art style seems to be exactly the same as Solo Leveling. Seeing as how the artists behind Solo Leveling also work on this series that should come as no surprise.

Strange tombs have appeared all over the world, each containing a relic that grants its owner powerful abilities. Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer and a raider. However, after being betrayed by his employer, he is about to die at the hands of a powerful new relic that he just discovered. Suddenly he found himself 15 years in the past before the relics, nor tombs have even appeared. Driven by his feelings of revenge, Jooheon will use his knowledge of the future to become the Tomb Raider King!

The Lone Spellcaster

The Lone Spellcaster | WEBTOON

Next up we have The Lone Spellcaster, a series that has many similarities to earlier chapters of Solo Leveling, making a great read for fans. With a weak protagonist who suddenly gains powers unlike any other who slowly begins his rise to the top, what’s not to enjoy?

The world is under threat from monsters, and only the chosen Awakened humans can defeat them! Sure, it sounds exciting, to be a super-powered human fighting monster, but it’s a far cry from the reality of ordinary office worker Dohyeok Park, who’s more worried about landing a business deal instead. However, one day when Dohyeok’s path crosses a monster outbreak, he somehow manifests powers as a rare and powerful Awakened. With his new abilities will Dohyeok find that he has what it takes to survive?

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

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If you’re looking for a new manhwa to read after Solo Leveling, why not try the manhwa that Redice studio has started serializing in replace of Solo Leveling. This new series is a great read and definitely something to think about picking up. It has comedy, action, and a powerful main character ready for revenge. With similar art styles and a main character that can nearly match Jin-Woo in arrogance, fans of Solo Leveling are sure to love this series.

During a raid on the tower of the devil the legendary hero and 13th member of the 12 Saints, Lee Gun died, sacrificing himself for humanity. Or so it’s thought, instead, Lee Gun was betrayed as he fought and defeated the great evil Red Eyes, betrayed by one of the 12 Saints Lee Gun was trapped at the bottom of the tower, surrounded by thousands of regenerating monsters. The rest of the Saints exited the tower with their spoils and lied to the world, now 20 years later, Lee Gun is finally free and out for revenge.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 72 Release Date, Countdown,  Spoilers - Anime News And Facts

Also known by the name, The Max Level Hero Strikes Back, this series is a great manhwa to pick up after Solo Leveling. Although it’s not as similar to Solo Leveling as some of the other entries on our list it still roughly has the same premise. The weak becomes strong quickly and rises to the top, except Max Level Hero Has Returned includes some revenge in it.

Struck down by an enemy arrow, the powerless Prince Davey O’Rowane falls into a deep coma. His soul somehow ends up in a place where the greatest of greats gather, the Hall of Heroes. There over one thousand years pass as Davey undergoes painful training under the watchful eyes of legends to become a legendary hero. Now back to his kingdom, he’s awake and ready for the enemies hiding in his father’s court. They better be prepared for the prince everyone had labeled as weak and attempted to kill is back and much stronger than before!

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Many series have done the reincarnation or sent back in time plot, where a protagonist knows what will happen and has been sent in the past to fix it. However, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint does it in such an interesting and creative way that you won’t even realize that it’s happening. With a comedic and sarcastic protagonist who just happened to be lucky and an amazing supporting cast, any future readers are sure to love this series.

Dokja Kim was an average office worker whose only real interest was reading his favorite web novel ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.’ But when the novel reached its final chapter, the web novel he had been reading since middle school suddenly became reality. Now Dokja is the only person who knows what is going on and how everything will end. Armed with his extensive novel knowledge, Dokja uses his understanding to change the course of the plot of his beloved story and subsequently the world as he knows it.

The Beginning After the End

Review: The Beginning After The End Manga

Chances are if you’ve been around different communities and online forums you may have heard of this series before or maybe you’ve seen its acronym, TBATE. Based on the hit web novel of the same name The Beginning After the End is a reincarnation story that will blow you away. It’s not very similar to Solo Leveling but I guarantee that you’ll love the series nonetheless. Although it may take one or two chapters to find its rhythm TBATE will have you hooked on and in love within its first few chapters.

King Grey has unrivaled strength, prestige, and wealth in a world governed by martial ability. However, loneliness and solitude linger near for those with great power such as himself. Beneath the exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, without a purpose nor will. Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters unlike his own, the king has a second chance at life. Correcting the mistakes of his past life won’t be his only challenge, however. Because underneath the peace and prosperity of his new world is a new threat that could destroy everything he has worked to this point for. Will he fight for his new home and prevail or will his past life begin to catch up to him?

Did you find a new great read? Have any recommendations of your own? Let us know in the comment section below!

50 thoughts on “Top 6 Manhwa To Read After Solo Leveling

  1. of the 6 the only one that doesn’t make sense in this list is the Far Spell Caster, it’s way below compared to the other 5, instead it could be Dungeon Reset or Overgeared which are very good

    1. Overgeared, Legend of northern blade, Mercenary Enrollment, Second life ranker, Return of the crazy demon, Wind breaker all are too good…. TBATE i loved it but it has a con… Chps are published too late

      1. Totally agreed. This list is probably made by some person who didn’t dig much about the story but popularity. If it was just story. Overgeared, mercenary teenager, max level returner, taming master, kill the hero, god of blackfield should be on the list as well.

    2. This manhwa flies under the radar. Its called “Era of overman”. Or “Era of superhuman”. Give it a read and thank me later. Its probably better than any manhwa on this list.

  2. The Lone Spellcaster is really really bad, i tried and dropped it in like 19-20 chapters, which was really painful read.
    Tomb Raider King is also not that good but it’s kind of fun and has a lot of chapters.
    Others are really good though.

    My top three without any order will be – The Max Level Hero Has Returned , The Beginning After the End ,Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint .

    Other like that I enjoyed are ,- The Constellation That Returned From Hell ,The Second Coming of Gluttony , Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble , Skeleton Soldier Couldn’T Protect The Dungeon , The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

      1. reformation of the deadbeat noble, return of the mount Hua sect, legend of asura – venom dragon, leveling with the gods, nano machine, great mage returns after 4000 years and sss-class suicide hunter.

      2. Seoul station necromancer
        Lone necromancer
        Seoul station druid
        Return of the legendary spear knight
        Dungeons and artifacts
        The lord coins aren’t decreasing
        Over geared
        Surviving romance
        Sweet home and Bastard(psychological manhwas it’s worth the read)
        Murim login
        Deadbeat noble
        Max level retuener
        Leveling up with gods
        Rise of the rubble
        The great mage return after 4000 yrs
        Return of the 8th class magician
        The dark magician transmigrates
        Level 1 player
        Player can’t level up
        Legendary moonlight sculptor
        Sss class suicide hunter
        Solo level ranker or a ranker who lives twice
        Ganzi monster(bullying and MC fighting back in modern life without any sort of powers)
        Quest supremacy and reality quest (these r MC fighting back with status window or quest window screen in mordern life.. It’s really worth reading)
        The sss class I raised
        Dugeon reset
        Nano machine
        Return of the frozen player
        Lone spell caster
        Tutorial of advanced player
        Kill the hero
        The Beginning After the end
        Solo Max newbie
        Pigpen(psychological manhwa)
        Mercenary enrollment
        Reincarnation of suicidal battle god
        Fff class trash hero
        Tower of god
        God of high school
        Return of player
        Tutorial is hard

    1. This is what i read as of now

      – the gamer
      -the return of the 8th class magician
      -second life ranker
      -dungeon reset
      -the max level returner
      -hero?, I quit a long time ago
      -the tutorial tower of the advance player
      -a returners magic should be special
      -return of the frozen player
      -the archmage return after 4000 years
      -solo log in
      -max level returner
      -hero who cant level up
      -sss class suicide hunter
      -solo max level newbie
      -return survival
      -the rebirth of an 8th circled mage
      -return of the legendary spear knight
      -skeleton couldnt protect the dungeon
      -the story of a low rank soldier becoming a monarch
      -sss class gacha hunter
      -it all starts with playing game seriously
      -the iceblade magician
      -990k ex-life hunter
      -survival story of a swordking in a fantasy world
      -i can snatch 999 type of abilities
      -solo spell caster
      -kill the hero
      -the scholars reincarnation
      -the dark magician transmigrates after 66666 years
      -ultimate soldier
      -the tutorial is too hard
      -rankers return remake
      -god of blackfield
      -the challenger
      -heavenly demon instructor
      -the king of bugs
      -dungeon house
      -the previous life of murim ranker
      -taming master
      -arcane sniper
      -leveling up by only eating
      -reborn 80000 years
      -the strongest ever

  3. You should really seriously replace The Beginning after the end[TBATE] with
    TOMB RAIDER KING[TRK] because TRK is also made by Redice Studios same as Solo Leveling and in TBATE the MC never becomes powerful and always remains a foot soldier in front of Black Demons despite having a will of a Dragon.

    1. Dude… I agree it’s not best cuz chos come monthly but the mc is good and leaving the fact he’s still a teenager…

  4. Uhh…Nano Machine, anyone? Or i dunno, Murim Login is waaay fun. And my best choice of all, Sword Sheath’s Child – my God that art!

  5. Wow i cant believe there is lone spellcaster
    Its pretty trash
    One of the worst manhwa in this genre
    Both art and plot


    – Nano Machine

    – Overgeared

    – The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

    – FFF-Class Trashero

    – I Am the Sorcerer King

    – Leveling Up With the Gods

    – Kill the Hero

    – Limit Breaker

    – Max Level Returner

    – Second Life Ranker

    (NO es de Mejor a Peor o Viceversa, son Recomendaciones)


  7. TBATE is really the best choice and since I have read both it’s LN and Manhawa I can assure anyone that TBATE have a good plot unlike Tomb Raider or any other manhawa which are filled with just how MC is the most powerful of all. TBATE is the best read if you’re looking for a strong storyline and plot.

  8. The Beginning After the End is too damn Dark i pity those character who died and can’t do anything about their overwhelmingly strong opponents tho its kinda sad for me that i can’t see them anymore more likely to say that elf that died in the dungeon and i really like that character when the character dies it feels like it is poking my heart bruh all i want to happen is character doesn’t die its okay if they’re cripple or somethin just like tengen uzui of KnY

  9. All of them were great read except for lone spellcaster, it’s boring it’s slow and even tho the art isn’t bad but the story is just soo strange constantly twisting.
    But the beginning after the end is even better than solo levelling, yes the releases are a bit slow but the chapters are really long so it makes up for it, and the story and character development is truly the best, if we come to the disaster class hero it’s good uptill now but with only 21 chapters (as of this comment) I can’t say much the art is really good tho.

  10. Good list,

    Definitely add these as well to your list:

    – Mage returns after 4000 years
    – Second life Ranker
    – Reverse Villain

    1. Hey, so the only one I could think of was, Jormungand, which also has an anime now. (Though it isn’t anything similar to Solo Leveling, very different genres) Hope this helped!

  11. If you really want the same excitement of getting stronger and becoming op like solo leveling mc don’t follow what the post is saying. Listen the the replies of the readers

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