What Will Be The Next Arc In One Piece After Wano Arc?

After almost four years, the longest arc of One Piece, “Wano Arc,” ended on November 26, 2023, with a total of 191 episodes.

Now that this arc is over, what will be the next destination of the Straw Hat Pirates?

What Will Be The Next Arc In One Piece Anime?

In episode 1085, as the Straw Hats and other pirates depart from Wano, they have their following destinations already planned.

`To go downstream of Wano, Nami recommends going through Hakumai. This place has a lift that will help go down the upstream waterfalls of Wano.

But as Kidd baits Luffy and Law, who are both using the Hakumai to descend, that it is a “safe” route, they both take control of their ships and dive down the waterfalls, just like how they arrived here.

In Wano, everyone tells the tale of Luffy and his heroics. Later, we see Momonosuke wondering if he will ever get to see Luffy again!

The Next Arc of One Piece

After the Wano Arc, One Piece is about to enter the final saga, consisting of many arcs. And one of these arcs, which will be the next arc in the anime, is the “Egghead Arc,” or “The Future Island Arc.”

Egghead Arc will be centered on “Egghead Island.” It is a futuristic place where innovation is thousands of years ahead of the current time!

After episode 1085, an official visual for Egghead Arc was revealed. It revealed the Straw Hats Pirates standing on Egghead Island with their new outfits:

What Will Be The Next Arc In One Piece Anime?

An official trailer was also released, which showed the character designs of the Straw Hats for the upcoming arc.

It also showed a mystery female character at the end of the trailer, whom we shall witness in this arc.

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When Will Egghead Arc Start in One Piece?

The start date of Egghead Island was also released to be January 7, 2024.

Before that, the current condition of the World Government, the Revolutionary Army, the Cross Guild, and some other pirates will be covered.

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What to Expect of “Egghead Arc” of One Piece (SPOILERS!)

“Egghead Arc” will be centered around Dr. Vegapunk as he tries to escape from this island to avoid being killed by the CP-0.

The World Government is targeting him because he was researching the Void Century.

So, to avoid being assassinated by CP-0 agents, he asks the Straw Hats to save him and help him escape Egghead Island.

Will Luffy help Vegapunk escape this island and fight some old enemies?

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What are your thoughts on this? What are your feelings on One Piece entering its final saga? Let us know in the comments below!

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