Will fans get to see a second season of No Game No Life? Author gives update

It has been a long nine years since the first season of No Game No Life premiered, and fans have been eagerly awaiting any updates from the studio, even a small morsel of hope. Despite the anime’s huge following and high ratings on MyAnimeList, the studio has remained silent, and the lack of a second season has become something of a meme within the anime community. Finally, Yuu Kamiya, the author of the No Game No Life light novels, decided to address the ever-growing questions about the elusive second season.

no game no life season 2

While many other average-rated anime series receive sequel announcements and older series are being remade, fans of No Game No Life have been left wondering why their beloved series hasn’t been greenlit for season 2. The author, Yuu Kamiya, reached a breaking point and took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions about the status of the second season. He tweeted:

“I have been asked: ‘Will there be a second season of No Game No Life?’ so many times from all over the world, that now I can even know when they are asking me even without having to translate it. The answer is always the same: ‘I as an author would also like to know (as well).'”

In response to a fan’s question about whether the anime adaptation’s ending was intentionally different from the original light novels, making it difficult to continue the story in a second season, Kamiya offered further insight:

“I talked about this some years ago, but at that time the director asked if there was a possibility of adding an eccentric ending, since he didn’t know what would come next. I immediately proposed the ending of the sixth volume of the novels, which I was writing at that moment. In a sequel, you can go back in the chronology or even change the story, so that is not the problem.”

Kamiya then concluded with the following statement:

“So I cannot tell you what is the reason why there is no second season, but it is not a problem of money, much less with someone else. Perhaps the problem is that ‘it was done too well’, so much so that it is difficult to make a second season with the same quality.”

With Kamiya’s explanation, fans finally have some insight into why there hasn’t been a second season of No Game No Life. It seems the issue isn’t funding, but rather the concern that the first season was executed so well that maintaining the same level of quality in a second season would be difficult. This fear may be what has held studios back from investing in the project, leaving fans to continue waiting for their favorite series to return.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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