8 Most Popular Oshi no Ko Characters, Ranked

Oshi no Ko has gained popularity thanks to the complex and diverse characters; they all have different talents. This list will rank Oshi No Ko’s characters based on their popularity as voted by Japanese fans. So, let’s dive right into it without wasting any more time!

oshi no ko most popular anime characters

If you are unfamiliar, Oshi No Ko is a manga by the beloved author of the Kaguya Sama: Love Is War series, Aka Akasaka. An anime adaptation of the manga was announced in 2022 by the studio Doga Kobo, consisting of 11 episodes.

Oshi No Ko explores the entertainment industry’s dark side like nothing before, making a peculiar move and researching the industry.

8. Miyako Saito

miyako saito

Miyako Saito is one of the most significant supporting characters of the series. She is the wife of the famous director Ichigo Saito and is currently the president of Strawberry Productions.

After the murder of Ai Hoshino, Miyako Saito was the person who came forward and took responsibility for taking her twin children in her care, Ruby Hosino, and Aquamarine Hoshino.

Although she does not have enough screen time, Miyako is a talented individual series as she is the president of Strawberry Productions and stands atop this list.

7. Mem-Cho

mem cho

Mem-Cho is a popular former YouTuber and Tik Tok star in the universe of Oshi No Ko and is a major supporting character of the series. ‘Mem-Cho’ is just her pseudonym, as her real name is unknown.

She always dreamed of becoming an idol, but specific family issues made her miss her dream. However, she became a popular streamer and gained major fame from a reality dating show called LoveNow.

Despite her age (25 years old), Aqua invited Mem-Cho to become part of Ruby’s idol group and serve as a prominent member. Mem-Cho is persistently used as a comic-relief character for the viewers, although she has immense talent.

6. Minami Kotobuki

minami oshi no ko

Minami is a 16 year old student at Yoto High School. She is also the classmate of Ruby and Frill. Ruby seems to be jealous of Minami’s body in the beginning of the series.

Minami also works as a gravure model. Despite being a minor character, Japanese fans seem to love Minami Kotobuki and that is why she is even ranked higher than Mem-Cho, one of the band members of B Komachi.

5. Kana Arima

Kanara Arima is the supporting character in the series that serves a significant role throughout the story. She is the childhood friend of Aqua and Ruby.

Kana Arima is mentioned as a prodigious child actress in the series, though her reputation and popularity in the series have dwindled utterly. However, she is also known to be really hard to work with, which causes Kana to lower her self-esteem.

Working with Kana was hard, so she received much fewer job offers. After a heartwarming reunion between Aqua and Ruby, she was recruited for the B-Komachi group. After joining the group, Kana Arima regained her self-esteem, and her popularity increased drastically.

4. Akane Kurokawa

Akane Kurokawa is yet another major supporting character of the series and is the main rival of Kana Arima in the series. Akane is a flawless actor in the series who can almost duplicate someone’s personality up to a fault—Akane’s character in the LoveNow arc is inspired by a real-life incident that happened not so long ago.

She first met with Aqua in the reality dating show, LoveNow, acting as his Co-star. Although Akane usually acts as a lead actor, her personality is timid and quiet. After getting involved in a controversy, She tries to take her life, and in the final second, she is saved by Aqua.

Akane’s acting prowess is something that Aqua and Ruby never witnessed before, as she can imitate Ai Hoshino’s personality to perfection, making both siblings confused in terror due to her accuracy in her voice and facial expressions.

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3. Aquamarine Hoshino

Aquamarine Hoshino is one of the twin children of Ai Hoshino and the brother of Ruby Hoshino. Aquamarine, often known as Aqua, is the series’ main character. Before being reincarnated as Ai Hoshino’s son, he was a doctor specializing in pregnancies named Gorou Amamiya.

Gorou Amamiya was murdered by a stalker of her favorite idol, Ai Hoshino, before he was reincarnated as her son. Being an orphan in the previous life, Aqua enjoyed her life as Ai’s son as he relieved the love of a mother, something he never felt before.

After the murder of Ai Hoshino, Aqua changed fundamentally and swore vengeance on the individual who sold her mother out and got her killed. Aqua starts hunting down his target at a really early age by entering the entertainment industry’s dark side and using every inch of information he has.

Being a doctor in his previous life, Aqua’s mentality and thinking process are already developed. With the help of his critical thinking, he is going to catch the culprit. From doing the impossible, like forming B-Komachi once again with the help of her sister, he is going all out.

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2. Ruby Hoshino (Sarina Tendouji)

ruby hoshino

Ruby Hoshino, also known as Sarina Tendouji before her reincarnation as Ai Hoshino’s daughter, is the deuteragonist of the series and serves as one of the two main characters of the series.

Sarina Tendouji was raised in a household where her parents neglected her. When she was reincarnated as her favorite idol’s daughter, she enjoyed her life as long as it lasted. Ai taught Ruby how to become an idol from an early age.

Unlike Aqua, Ruby managed to move past her mother’s tragic demise and reformed her defunct group with her friends’ help and support. However, she lacks Ai and Aqua’s charisma, which is why she lands at number 2 on the list.

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1. Ai Hoshino

ai hoshino

Ai Hoshino is the dealbreaker character of the series, the late mother of Ruby and Aquamarine Hoshino. Ai was the lead idol of her group, now defunct, B-Komachi. Ai has an abusive and solemn past that makes her lack professionalism and becomes an outcast.

Thanks to Ichigo Saitou, the former president of Strawberry Productions, Ai Hoshino received the chance to become the main idol of their group, B-Komachi. Her life turned around when she became pregnant with twins at an undetermined time.

To maintain her reputation, her company and Ai agreed to hide the news of her pregnancy, not to squander her reputation, before meeting her ultimatum.

Although Ai became a light influence for a lot of individuals in Oshi No Ko’s universe, the news of her murder made everyone shocked. She met her demise at an early age, but she was an enough talented individual to get a cult-like fanbase at the age of 16.

So there there you have it: 8 most popular Oshi no Ko characters ranked by Japanese fans. If you want to read the complete list, you can read here.

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