All The Anime References We Were Able To Spot On r/Place

Reddit’s fun tile placing subreddit, r/place, has sadly come to an end. The four-day event build friendships and started wars across the internet with different groups and subreddits coming together to try and fill a space with an artwork of their own. The genius behind the whole event is that users can only put in one tile every 5 minutes, making it impossible for one person to do something on their own. And of course, many communities came together to make artworks for one of the internet’s favourite hobbies, anime!

The event may have ended with everything returning to white, however, the fun and the artwork made in this event will live on through the power of screenshots! Using that power, I present to you all the anime references we here at Anime Senpai were able to catch!

After taking a look at all of our finds I challenge all of our readers to try and find some references we may have missed, there are definitely going to be some we missed!

Tribute To Kentaro Miura

All The Anime References We Were Able To Spot On r/Place | Anime Senpai

The only way correct way to start this off is with this beautiful tribute that could be spotted in the top left of the page. Dedicated to the recently deceased Kentaro Miura, we see the main character of his Berserk series, Guts. Alongside the RIP message and the beautiful artwork Guts’ iconic sword, ‘The Dragon Slayer’ can also be seen in this frame.

“True Eren”

All The Anime References We Were Able To Spot On r/Place | Anime Senpai

Next up we have the “True Eren.” If you don’t immediately know what I’m referencing you’re probably an anime-only. Don’t worry you’ll understand in 2023. As for those who know, this beautiful representation of Eren was created by the wonderful folk over at r/titanfolk. While r/place was still running you could actually find “True Eren” and his infamous quotation, “NO!! I DON’T WANT THAT!” at the coordinates 139, 139. Referencing the final chapter where this meme face originated. Anime-onlies get excited to see “True Eren” yourselves in 2023!

The Shonen Boys

All The Anime References We Were Able To Spot On r/Place | Anime Senpai

Up next we have some much more popular faces, or as I call them, the shonen boys! I’m sure you all know who these characters are but just to make sure. Starting from the left we have Ichigo from Bleach, Luffy from One Piece, Naruto from…, Deku from My Hero Academia, and lastly Gon from Hunter X Hunter. Gon is certainly an interesting addition to this grouping but nonetheless, he’s here! Now to make things even more fun I’ll ask this question if these five characters were to fight who would win? Answer in the comments down below! I’m interested to see the responses…

Throwback Time

All The Anime References We Were Able To Spot On r/Place | Anime Senpai

Throwback Tuesday anyone? This next artwork was actually made side by side, both were planned and created by the streamer Ludwig and his fanbase. On the left, we can see the infamous Totoro from Studio Ghibli’s 1988 film, My Neighbour Totoro. On the right, we can see Spike Spiegel, in all of his glory, (just look at the hair), from the very popular Cowboy Bepop series. The same series that Netflix…tried to do a live-action adaptation for, but the series failed after its first season. However fans are trying to get the series to come back with a petition, it currently has 149,346 signatures!


All The Anime References We Were Able To Spot On r/Place | Anime Senpai

Look at this EXPLOSION of artwork! Ok, that pun was horrible but I’m sure many of you get the joke. From the now popular Konasuba series, we have Megumin and friends! The tilework was proudly created by r/Megumin and also defended by the same subreddit due to the artwork being a target for others. At the bottom of the screenshot, you can also just barely make out some of the other Konosuba characters.

The Underdogs

Perhaps the most surprising anime to pop up, multiple times on r/place, we have 86! The subreddit behind all three of these was r/EightySix. With just over 23, 700 people the subreddit somehow managed to do three separate artworks all in different places. And one piece of art even has the title of the series in Japanese! For a small community in a place where attacks were constant, these three artworks are impressive!

One Piece

Last but definitely not least we have One Piece! This series may just have the most references scattered across the r/place subreddit, the above three screenshots being the major ones we could find. Not only were there a huge amount of One Piece artworks, but most of them were also very impressive. Just take a look at some of the ones above! The r/OnePiece managed to do the entire panel of Gol D. Roger laughing, if that’s not impressive I don’t know what is!

That’s all the references we were able to find. But I’m sure there are thousands more we may have missed or some that were too small to be mentioned in this article, like the Pokeballs that are littered across the entire canvas. If you wish to see the completed canvas yourself check out the quoted tweet above!

Be sure to let us know what some of your favourite artworks were and if you were able to find any other major pieces be sure to let us know in the comments below! For more news on everything anime and more be sure to visit our main Anime Senpai page! We have new articles daily, so check them out!

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