Bleach “Thousand Year Blood War” Arc Episode 2 Release Date, Time, Preview, and Where to watch

2022 has been the year of the comeback for anime, as many fans’ favorite anime has made a surprising return this year. One of the most highly anticipated anime of the year is Bleach.

After more than nine years of wait, Bleach has finally returned to our screen, and its hype is unmatchable. The series is already the 2nd highest-rated anime on MyAnimeList.

The plot of Bleach revolves around Kurosaki Ichigo, who is an average student with the power to see dead people and be able to interact with their souls.

Episode 1 of the ongoing series begins with all the hollows suddenly disappearing from the map. On the other hand, Ryunosuke and Shino are placed in Karakura town to monitor irregular activities.

Both go in separate directions so they can cover a larger area. Meanwhile, Ryunosuke suddenly encounters a big Hollow and escapes towards Shino, who he finds being strangled by a hollow.

The hollow that was chasing him attacks him from a blind spot. It looked like both of them would die when Ichigo made a climatic entry with Chad, Orihime, and Ishida.

After taking down all the hollows with his iconic Bankai and saving both Shinigami, he takes them to his house, where they rest for the time being.

Ryunosuke wakes up after more than 24 hours and fails to realize what is happening around him. After returning to his senses, he thanks all of them for saving his life.

Meanwhile, an unknown face suddenly appears inside Ichigo’s room and goes by the name of Ebern. Baffled by the person, Ichigo kicks him out of his room.

What surprises Ichigo the most is that he was a Quincy that went extinct years ago. After engaging in a battle with him, Ichigo decides to get serious and use his Bankai.

As soon as he uses his Bankai, Ebern tries to steal it but is unsuccessful. Ichigo soon realises what is happening and attacks him with Getsuga Tensho.

It looks like Ichigo can capture him and get more info when a shadow takes Ebern away; meanwhile, Captain Yamamoto suddenly finds himself surrounded by enemies in the soul society.

The enemies call themselves Wandenreich, who have declared war on soul society and would commence attack after five days.

Although Yamamoto is arguably the strongest captain in the soul society, he is unsuccessful in taking down the enemies.

At the end of the episode, our long-awaited wait was over when we were finally able to see Yhwach, who does not like quarrels and wants peace. But is it his true intentions?

Episode 2 Preview:

Bleach TYBW arc episode 2 preview images have been released.

Episode 2 Release Date & Time

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc episode 2 is scheduled to release on October 17, 2022. Fans in the US can watch the series on Hulu, while fans in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada can watch the series on Disney Plus. Disney Plus has yet to announce the release date for Latin America and most of Europe. The timing for international viewers is as follows.

Here is the release date and time for the international audience.

  • Pacific Time – 8:30 AM PT (Monday, October 17)
  • Central Time – 10:30 AM CT (Monday, October 17)
  • Eastern Time – 11:30 AM ET (Monday, October 17)
  • British Time – 4:30 PM GMT (Monday, October 17)
  • European Time – 5:30 PM CEST (Monday, October 17)
  • India Time – 9 PM IST (Monday, October 17)
  • Philippine Time – 11:30 PM PST (Monday, October 17)
  • Japan Time – 12 AM JST (Tuesday, October 18)
  • Australian Time – 2 AM ACDT (Tuesday, October 11th)

Where to watch:

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll would not be streaming the anime. However, viewers can watch it on Disney+, although you need to have a premium subscription to be up to date with the latest episode. Fans from the US can watch the series on Hulu.

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