Death Devil in Chainsaw Man – What We Know So Far

Known for its captivating storyline, Chainsaw Man blasts away the reader’s expectations in each chapter and hypes up the reader even more.

death devil chainsaw man

While the series is known for its eccentric characters, its world is quite mysterious and full of deadly devils, from which some are able to wipe out the whole of humanity in the blink of an eye.

Warning! This article discusses Chainsaw Man manga spoilers!!

After the most potent devil of the series, The Gun Devil was annihilated by Denji, a new wave of stronger devils arrived. These devils are known as the ‘Four-horsemen’ and consist of War, Famine, Hunger, and Death Devil.

As of writing this article, the War, Famine, and Hunger devils have been revealed in the manga series. However, the strongest and eldest of them all, the Death Devil, is still yet to be revealed and has been teased long enough.

So far, we have learned some whereabouts of the appearance of the Death Devil, and in this article, we will be breaking them down in detail.

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The Relation of Death Devil with War, Famine, and Hunger Devils

Death Devil Chainsaw Man

The Death Devil is the eldest and strongest sister out of the other horsemen devils. While not much has been explained about their relationship, all of the other sisters fear the death devil excessively due to her powerful nature.

While all the other sisters have descended to Earth, according to their prophecy, the Death Devil is set to descend on Earth soon, but unexpectedly.

How Powerful Is The Death Devil?

Death Devil Chainsaw Man

Currently, the power status and innate abilities of The Death Devil are unknown, but with some evidence and references, we can speculate how powerful the Death Devil actually is.

According to its sisters, the Deth Devil is the most powerful out of them, even outpowering the likes of the Control Devil, who was under the contract of Makima.

Everyone is familiar with Makima’s prowess and dominance in her battles, so it is pretty clear the Death Devil is far more powerful than we saw Makima with her maximum potential.

The latest chapter of the series confirmed that within six months, The Death Devil will make her arrival on Earth. According to Nayuta, The Death Devil is ‘super-duper’ strong, enough to wipe out the whole of humanity, and that is what she intends to do.

Additionally, The Death Devil will be the most potent in history set to appear in the series, and every devil in existence fears her existence.

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When Will The Death Devil Reveal Herself? (Speculation)

Death Devil Chainsaw Man

The last question that remains: When will The Death Devil reveal herself? Nayuta says that her elder sister is quite likely aiming to arrive on Earth after half a year, but that does not really help us to answer the question.

Fami is the one who is pulling the scenes behind the scenes and is provoking the Death Devil to arrive on Earth. Her main goal? To kill the Death Devil and claim the throne of the most potent devil.

According to Nayuta, Fami is provoking the incident of the Chainsaw Man Church and the War Devil to make them extra potent and use them as puppets to kill The Death Devil.

With this information, Fami is likely setting up the time for The Death Devil to arrive as soon as Denji and Asa Mikata are strong enough to take on the most potent devil of all time.

Here is everything we know so far on the whereabouts of The Death Devil in Chainsaw Man manga series. Although much less has been revealed about the fourth sister, we are bound to get brand-new information about her in the following chapters.

Chainsaw Man is also available in English for international fans. The manga series is currently being serialized on the Mangaplus app/website and the Viz Media website in Tankobon format.

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