Hunter x Hunter Author Decided To Hire More Staff To Speed Up Drawing

Published on August 30th, 2022

It has been more than three months since the Hunter x Hunter author, Togashi, made an important decision to start drawing the manga again. Togashi opened his Twitter account and regularly posted on his Twitter profile regarding manga updates.

hunter x hunter manga return

We know from the author’s recent Tweets that almost ten new manga chapters are ready to be published. Chapters 391 to 398 are already completed, while 399 and 400 need final adjustments. In fact, in the author’s recent update on Twitter, he has specified that the backgrounds of chapter 399 are almost done, while for chapter 400, some elements are still missing. It should be remembered that according to one of the author’s editors, Togashi has planned to write ten chapters (ch 391-400), so fans can expect to hear more about the Hunter x Hunter manga return soon.

Hunter x Hunter author Togashi has made a decision to hire more assistants, which will speed up the drawing process. Togashi wrote on Twitter: “BTW, I decided to hire more assistants. It takes much more time to draw with fineliner pen than writing brush.”

Fans already know that Togashi suffers from health problems which is also the reason why Hunter x Hunter has taken numerous breaks. After Togashi recently started drawing, he was again facing health problems which slowed down the production of new chapters. The decision to hire more assistants will allow Togashi to devote more time to his health.

Although it is highly unlikely that Togashi will let his assistant take charge of most of the work, considering that previously, fans have suggested letting his wife (who is also a manga author, Sailor Moon) draw the manga but Togashi seems to want to finish Hunter x Hunter himself.

What are your thoughts on hiring new assistants to help out in drawing and other production steps? Will it speedup the manga return? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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