Hunter x Hunter Author Is Having A Hard Time Drawing Manga

Published on August 13th, 2022

Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of HUNTER x HUNTER and Yuu Yuu Hakushou, has been suffering from chronic and severe health problems for over a decade. In his previous messages, he advised his followers to take care of their backs “I am unable to sit in a chair, everyone, please keep an eye on your back.”

hunter x hunter manga update

Fans widely believed that Togashi’s health improved as he returned to drawing the Hunter x Hunter manga series. However, the author has recently updated on the subject once more. He wrote on Twitter:

My symptoms have not improved and I have had to spend a lot of time in treatment and recovery

In a follow-up Tweet, Togashi said:

I’ve managed to draw 1 panel. I’m having trouble in putting strength into my right hand.

This is a worrying sign for fans who are anxiously waiting for the Hunter x Hunter series to return. Togashi previously revealed that despite the back pain, he found a way to draw manga by laying straight down on his back. In his letter to fans, Togashi described the severe pain he was going through, revealing that he had to shower every time after using the bathroom as he could not wipe his a*s.

Hunter x Hunter mangaka is currently working on chapter 399. Although it is unknown when HUNTER x HUNTER will return to the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the series has been on hiatus since November 2018. According to the Hunter x Hunter editor, Togashi plans to complete ten manga chapters before it is considered returning to publication.

Togashi announced on May 24th that he would return to draw the manga via his Twitter account.

The manga first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in March 1998, less than a year after One Piece. Yoshihiro Togashi has taken several long breaks from publishing HUNTER x HUNTER since 2006, some of which were due to illness or chronic back pain.

Viz describes the Hunter x Hunter manga series as follows:

Gon is a young boy who dreams of following in his father’s footsteps to become a Hunter. But first he must pass the notoriously difficult and dangerous Hunter Qualification Exam. Throughout his journey, Gon overcomes many obstacles, while making new friends along the way!

Source: Official Twitter

5 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Author Is Having A Hard Time Drawing Manga

  1. The author of hxh should rest before his health gets any worse where we the fans will not get to see hxh in full action hence we can wait another year or two for hxh

  2. I think he should let any other excellent mangaka take over hxh and start to draw new chapter under his guidance it will be a pleasure for us fans to see the ending of all four protagonist in series before we die

  3. Pretty inconsiderate that some of the fans are just worried about the return of the manya and nit the actual health and well being of the mangaka who is a person aswell.

  4. I’d be totally for a system where he had someone else finish the art/manga with his guidance of what happens in the story. I guess kind of like how the one punch man manga is done by a different attest than the original web comic.

    I have lower back problems, not nearly as severe as his, but I want to take his advice to heart.

    I hope he can just focus on recovery and feeling better. He gave us Yu Yu Hakusho and a lot of great H x H. He deserves to rest ad much as he needs to.

  5. Dude should just leave the drawing and panelling to someone else and just focus on the manga. Its not like we wait every chapter to see his glorious art. That way he can tell the story and ways he wants it draw to someone he trusts ans can focus better on his health.

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