Hunter x Hunter Author Hints When Manga Could Return To Publication

It has been a few days since the author of Hunter x Hunter, Togashi made his Twitter debut and announced the return of Hunter x Hunter manga series. The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine where the HxH gets published have not issued any kind of statement of when or if the Hunter x Hunter manga will be returning to the magazine. However, the latest Tweet from Togashi hinted fans on when they could expect a new chapter to get released.

Previously, an assistant of Togashi revealed on Twitter that the author’s main target is to complete 10 chapters and after that, the manga will return to publication. The first tweet that Togashi ever made, stated “Only 4 more chapters for the time being”. In a past few hours, Togashi tweeted out “Only 3 more chapters for the time being”, meaning he only has to draw 3 more chapters to complete his goal of 10 chapters, and after that we will see Hunter x Hunter making an official return to Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Now, let us speculate about how much more time it will take for the author to draw 3 more chapters. Since Togashi’s debut to the Twitter, he has regularly shared pictures of storyboards. At the bottom corner of the page, there is always a number which is supposedly indicating the page number of manga chapters. From the Tweets, it looks like the author draws 1 or 2 pages daily. On June 5, Togashi shared the storyboard of the 19th page, and after a few hours after that, he tweeted that 3 more chapters are left. It is evident that the author has finished drawing 7 out of 10 chapters.

It took Hunter x Hunter, author about 20 days to finish a chapter. Considering that the pace of drawing remains the same, the remaining 3 chapters will be drawn in the next 2 months. Of course, the process of making manga doesn’t end here. The initial draft will be submitted to the editor, and they might want to change some aspects of the story, etc., before getting it ready for to publish in magazines.

We can assume that we will be seeing Hunter x Hunter new chapters after 2 to 3 months. Fans have already managed to wait for more than 3 years, so a wait of a couple of months more won’t be that hard. The manga series is currently focusing on Kurapika, and the fan favourite characters like Gon and Killua don’t have any role to play in the current arc.

When do you think Togashi’s manga will come a comeback to publication? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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