Official Name of Eren’s Final Titan Form Revealed By The Series Creator

Attack on Titan has been one of the most popular anime, especially in recent years, as some of us got to experience the anime from the beginning. Only in episode 19 of season 3, “The Basement, “did we see the truth.

Since then, Hajime Iseyama has put us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, even more so with how the final season, part 2, ended. The series’ protagonist, Eren Yeager, has become a villain of the story. The most painful part is that his childhood friends, Mikasa and Armin, are now against him and doing everything they can to stop him.

In the anime series, Eren Yeager currently has the power of 3 titans. He inherited the ‘Attack Titan’ and ‘Founding Titan’ powers after eating his own father. The War Hammer Titan, whose power Eren got after eating Lara Tybur during the Paradise army surprise attack on Liberio.

Eren titan final form name

After getting in contact with his older brother, Zeke, Eren got a new terrifying form, which was several times larger than the wall titans. No official name was given to this new form of Eren until now. It is finally time that we got the name for Eren’s final form, which has been a mystery for us all.

In the latest Tweet from the official Twitter account of Attack on Titan, it was revealed that the final centipede form of Eren is officially named the “The Final Titan”, and this name was given by the series creator, Hajime Isayama himself.

The tweet loosely translates to:

Attack on Titan The Final Season BD & DVD Volume 4 Jacket Released! Mikasa and Armin are looking at Eren in his childhood, and the Final Titan, the final form of the Eren’s titan ( because there was no classification name, it was given by Professor Isayama). It’s a visual!

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Final Titan is the name given to Eren’s final form. It is perfect as we are nearing the end, and this Titan is about to bring the world to its knees.

The first three seasons were animated by WIT Studio, and MAPPA took over the season 4 finale. The Final Season is divided into three parts, with the 3rd part arriving next year. We have seen Eren grow from season 1, and his character is one of the most well-written.

The last episode, “The Dawn of Mankind,” showed us a different side of Eren. His ideology split the fandom into whether he is the protagonist or the antagonist. Nonetheless, the anime has many conflicting characters and captures humans’ true essence.

You can read more about some of the most intricate easter eggs in Attack of Titan. Please let us know your thoughts on the official name of Eren’s final form. We will get back to you!

A tragedy hits when titans, the man-eating monsters, destroy Eren’s hometown. As he witnesses the walls that protect humanity fall and his mother dying right before his eyes, he vows to cleanse the earth and exterminate all of the titans.

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