Japan: Card Trading Shop Asks Odorous Otaku Customers To Leave or Use Store-Provided Deodorant

Body odor is an issue that is often associated with the stereotypical image of an otaku. Although the situation has improved in recent years, some incidents still reveal a need to educate fans about personal hygiene. For instance, a famous anime voice actress recently asked her fans to bathe before attending her first concert.

smelly customers in japan store

In Akihabara, Japan, one trading card shop recently made waves on Twitter after posting a statement about having problems with customers with poor personal hygiene. The Card Shop: Trading Card Verse Akihabara reported that employees would begin to prevent access to people they consider to have bad body odour. These people would be able to choose between applying hygiene products provided by the store or leaving the facilities.

According to the shop’s Twitter handle, the management had received numerous complaints about body odor from customers. It turns out that the corner of the shop where trading cards are sold at a discount for as little as 10 yen per unit has become particularly popular among otakus in recent days.

The statement went on to say that the shop would offer free air freshener spray to potential customers with an odor issue, but if they preferred to use perfume, it would be priced at between 10 and 20 yen per dose.

Reactions to the shop’s statement have been mixed. While some fans expressed sympathy for the management, others commented that it was hardly surprising that the potential customers of a trading card store would be otaku with bad body odour. Others even suggested that perfume might not be the best solution, as an overpowering scent could be just as bad as body odour.

The statement also inspired some humorous comments, such as:

  • “They shouldn’t put perfume on them; we don’t know what kind of chemical reaction that could cause.”
  • “I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for them to take a bath; they don’t even ask for a bath; a shower is enough.”
  • “It’s the same all over Akihabara and other regions with a similar crowd. But trading card stores definitely have the foulest smell possible. I don’t understand how this trend works.”
  • “It scares me to think that other people have an opinion about my body odour.”

While the topic of otakus and their smell may seem like a humorous meme, it’s important to remember that personal hygiene is essential to being a responsible member of society. Whether you’re a fan attending a convention or a customer browsing a trading card store, taking care of your personal hygiene can make a significant difference in your life and those around you. The incident in Akihabara serves as a reminder of this fact and highlights the importance of respecting the personal space and comfort of others in public places.

What are your thoughts on the trading card shop’s new policy regarding personal hygiene? Have you ever had a similar experience at a store or event? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

Source: Esuteru

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