Mappa’s New Original Anime Bears Striking Resemblance to Tokyo Revengers

The Mappa Stage 2023 event evoked a variety of responses, depending on where the anime fans’ allegiances lie.


On one hand, fans of Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan were pretty chuffed with the announcements. On the other hand, Chainsaw Man and One Punch Man followers found themselves a bit let down.

Fans of Tokyo Revengers, however, might have stumbled upon a pleasant surprise courtesy of Mappa.

The studio unveiled a new, original anime project “BUCCHIGIRI?!” that seems to bear striking resemblances in terms of both art style and delinquents of Tokyo Revengers.

BUCCHIGIRI?! an original anime is a series that is not adapted from any pre-existing source material, just like Takt op Destiny.

The teaser of this new series exudes a similar ambiance to Tokyo Revengers, enriched with the addition of supernatural elements, mostly demons.

The plot revolves around Araji Tomobishi, who finds himself ensnared in battles among powerful individuals following a reunion with his old friend, Mataka Asamine. And if that’s not intriguing enough, the shadow of a colossal demon also makes its ominous appearance…?!

Mappa Studio has released a key visual and trailer for the series. BUCCHIGIRI?! is set for a January 2024 release.


The renowned Hiroko Utsumi, best known for her work on “SK∞”, is helming this project as director. She’s joined by Taku Kishimoto, who is leading the series composition and script writing, having previously worked on “Ousama Ranking”.

The character design is under the creative guidance of Takahiro Kagami, who previously lent his skills to “Zettai Karen Children”. Additional sub-character designs are brought to life by Hiroyuki Saita, familiar from his work on “Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight”, and Kiminori Itou, known for “Tokyo 24-ku”.

Takahiro Kagami, Hiroyuki Saita, and Kiminori Itou also serve as the chief animation directors, promising a vibrant, eye-catching visual style.

The cast list for the BUCCHIGIRI?! anime remains under wraps for now. But given that there’s less than 7 months to go until the show hits the screens, fans can likely look forward to fresh updates from Mappa Studio in the near future.

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