Tokyo Revengers: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale!

After a half a decade long run, Ken Wakui’s, Tokyo Revengers has officially come to an end! Though the series came across some bumps and bruises towards its ending, more specifically its final arc, the final chapter turned out to be one that everyone can be satisfied with!

Now just because the manga is all wrapped up doesn’t mean the stories to come from the world of Tokyo Revengers are over. In fact, they’re just beginning! As can be seen in the final chapter with all our favourite teenage delinquents growing and following their own paths.

Today we’ll be going over what every character from Tokyo Revengers is up to post-finale. Oh and spoiler warning of course!

Tokyo revenges ending what happened

What happened to Naoto Tachibana?

Naoto Tachibana

Starting off with the “key” who started this whole time-travelling phenomenon we have Naoto Tachibana. As one of the centre points of the series we’ve seen Naoto go through a lot throughout all the different timelines, however, in this one, he seems happiest.

Especially because his sister is finally alive and well, not only that but with everything going well he has no reason to become the depressed detective we know so well. Instead, Naoto has chosen to chase his dreams and become a journalist for an occult magazine!

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What happened to Akkun?


Leader of the Mizo Middle Five and one of Takemitchy’s closest friends, Atsushi Sendo, better known as Akkun, at long last gets his happy ending. Always wanting to be a hairdresser, Akkun was never properly able to due to the gang connections always following him around.

In pretty much every timeline he was pretty miserable with his life. Luckily in the final chapter, he can be seen at Takemitchy’s wedding and he’s finally a hairdresser!

What happened to The Kawata Brothers?

The Kawata Brothers

Next up on our list are the two inseparable Kawata Brothers, Sum & Sum else, better known as Happy and Angry! Whether it’s either of the two we’ve always seen one or the other smiling or frowning throughout every brawl, conflict, or event in the series.

The two brothers will continue to do this, but now at their very own Ramen Shop! I just hope Smiley is the one in the front greeting customers…

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What happened to Pah-Chin & Peh-Yan?

Pah-Chin & Peh-Yan

Following the ogre twins, we have another infamous Tokyo Revengers duo, Tokyo Manji’s Third Division captain and vice-captain! Haruki Hayashida and Ryohei Hayashi better known as Pah-Chin and Peh-Yan, if one is involved in something you can bet the other isn’t far behind!

Though the two are separated for some time when Pah is arrested the two are eventually reunited, not only that but they actually work together now! With Pah running his own real estate agency you already know Peh is right next to him!

What happened to The Shiba Siblings?

Keeping with the trend of families up next we have the Shiba Siblings! When these three were first featured in Tokyo Revengers’, soon-to-be animated second arc, there were some large issues between Taiju and his two younger siblings Yuzuha and Hakkai.

Simply put Taiju was extremely abusive and abused both his brother and sister, however, it seems that since then things have somewhat settled between the family. Taiju now owns multiple restaurants while Hakkai is a worldwide model, and Yuzuha working as his agent! Clearly, there are still some lines drawn between the family but it’s great to see them all successive!

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What happened to Takashi Mitsuya?

Takashi Mitsuya

Seeing as how we’ve just covered the vice-captain of the second division it’s only fair we get into what his captain Takashi Mitsuya is up to! To literally no one’s surprise, Mitsuya has become a fashion designer just as he has always wished This has obviously been a long time coming with Mitsuya designing multiple gang uniforms, winning the youth design competition, and designing multiple possible wedding dresses for Hina.

With him finally achieving his goal it’s more than likely that he designed and created both Takemitchy and Hina’s clothes for the big wedding!

What happened to The Akashi Siblings?

Speaking of designers and models our next entry is celebrities themselves, it’s the Akashi Siblings! And with Takemitchy solving all the problems this includes all three of them, Senju Kawaragi, Haruchiyo Sanzu, and Takeomi Akashi!

With that said the real superstars of the family are Senju and Haruchiyo, the two beautiful sibling youtube stars! Meanwhile, Takeomi serves as their “self-proclaimed” producer who also spends all of their money out of pocket. The two seem to be fine with it though so they must be making a lot as youtube stars!

What happened to Tetta Kisaki?

Tetta Kisaki

While on the subject of money let’s take a look at the next entrant on this list, Tetta Kisaki! He and Koko are the only rich ones in the group and as such fund pretty much everyone else while also making money off of them.

Izana and his Tenjiku group are a perfect example of this, taking money from the TK&KO Group to fund their non-profit with orphans. Being someone important definitely fits Kisaki and on top of that being generous pays off for the times he messed up quite literally everything.

What happened to Chifuyu, Baji, & Kazutora?

Next up we’ve got the trio of Toman’s knuckleheads, or as I like to call them, Baji and friends. Of course, this group consists of Keisuke Baji, Chifuyu Matsuno, and Kazutora Hanemiya, all three of which now work at Peke J Land! A pet shop now run by Chifuyu and his two dumb employees.

What’s really sweet is that the pet shop is named after Chifuyu and Baji’s stray building cat that they raised. Thanks to Takemitchy these three can now grow and work together when originally it was set that two of them were dead whilst the last was lost on what to be doing in life.

What happened to Draken & Emma?

draken and emma

Next, let’s get into everyone’s second favourite couple Draken and Emma. When Draken died in the series’ final arc though people were upset that one of their favourites had died it was acceptable and extremely sad, after all, he had been reunited with his love, Emma.

Luckily, with this ending, the two can be reunited in the land of the living, while also expecting a child! That’s right Emma and Draken are married in this timeline and from the looks of it, expecting a child! Because of this Emma spends her days as a stay-at-home wife whilst Draken works as a mechanic for Mikey while he’s on the racetrack. It looks like Mikey’s dream scenario isn’t too far off anymore.

What happened to Mikey?

mikey tokyo revengers ending

Talk of the devil himself, next up on the list is Mikey! We’ve already touched on him but in this perfect world Mikey is a motor racer and even has his own team, “Top of Manji.” Mikey is also the one who pulls in all the money for Kisaki and Koko as they both sponsor him using their own money and company money.

Which is probably why they’re so mad he fumbled his last race… Don’t worry though growing up hasn’t changed Mikey in the slightest! As can be seen when he takes his sweet time to go and tease Takemitchy before the wedding actually starts. Poor Takemitchy.

What happened to Takemitchy & Hina?

Takemichi hinata ending

Finally, we have the star of the show Takemitchy Hanagaki and his now-wife, Hinata Tachibana! From the start of the series these two have been through so much both together and separated, I mean it was Hinata’s death that started the whole story off. But finally, after many, many timelines and tons of time travel Takemitcy was able to save Hinata and everyone else! No one knows what’s next for the happy couple but I can bet their future involves a long exciting honeymoon before another long rest at home together. The two of them deserve that much at least before starting another journey in life.

And that’s all we’ve got! Of course, there are plenty of other characters who aren’t mentioned in this list but if we were to list every character from Tokyo Revengers we’d be here quite a while… Instead, we’ve decided to focus on just some of the series’ main characters. The others, such as South, Hanma, and Inupi all have their own paths that they follow, ones that you can check out and read officially! For details on where you can find all this take a look at our Where To Read section just below!

Where To Read

You can buy and preview the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers and more officially on KodanshaComics. Doing so greatly supports the author and allows them to give us more chapters of this amazing series.

Although the manga series has ended, Tokyo Revengers has planned multiple projects including a live-action film and a 2nd season of the anime series, both scheduled to release in 2023.

That’s all for this article, but Anime Senpai has plenty of other amazing reads such as this one right here! You can read that article right here or check our homepage for more amazing reads. Let us know what you think about these characters’ futures and taking it a step further would you change anything? Let us know in the comments section below!

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