Oshi no Ko Ending Has Been Decided, Author Reveals

The fan-favorite Idol manga and anime series, Oshi no Ko is nearing its end.

oshi no ko manga ending

This announcement comes from the series’ author, Aka Akasaka, in a recent interview with Spur Magazine. Since its animated version hit screens in 2023, Oshi no Ko has become a favorite among fans. This popularity even boosted sales of the original manga.

Oshi no Ko first appeared on Jump+ on April 23, 2020. For over three years, fans have loved its mix of mystery, drama, humor, and romance.

But now, it seems the story is close to its final chapter. “The end is in sight and has already been decided,” Akasaka revealed. The manga is currently at chapter 121, and it doesn’t look like it will be reaching that sweet number of 200.

News of the series ending was shared on Twitter by @MangaMoguraRE, and fans have been buzzing about it ever since.

The Oshi no Ko anime started strong with a 90-minute premiere episode on HIDIVE. It was so well-received that it even made it to the top of MYANIMELIST’s highest-ranking anime list for a while.

Moreover, the theme song, “IDOL,” was a huge hit and became the most popular theme song of the Spring Anime Season.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the Oshi no Ko anime adaptation on HIDIVE. If you have become a fan of Oshi no Ko, you can read the mangaka’s other work titled “Kaguya Sama Love is War” or watch the anime adaptation. Aka Akasaka, although retired as an illustrator, is currently working on a new manga project.

What are your thoughts on Oshi no Ko anime and manga series? Do you think manga should go on for a little longer? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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