Rent A Girlfriend Author Takes Life-Size Mizuhara Figurine To A Real Date

About five months ago, Kodansha announced the manufacture of the life-size figurine of Chizuru Mizuhara from Rent-a-Girlfriend and started a lottery. One lucky fan (the winner of the lottery) might be able to spend a day with a Mizuhara figurine, and the winner got announced recently.

Fan enjoys date with life-size figurine of Mizuhara

The winner of this date, Keigo-san (@likemathsnot), went to social media and bragged about how he won this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to date with Mizuhara. He shared a photo and stated:

Today I had a date with Mizuhara at the Asakusa Hanayashiki! The sense of closeness was so nice! We were accompanied by a professional photographer and I was able to chat with members of the production, which made for a great day. A huge thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this day possible. I will continue to work hard as a Kanojo fan, Okarishimasu (Chizuru’s number one)!

This time we were accompanied by a photographer, who made many suggestions to us while we were taking pictures, but he thought about every detail of the situation and the angle of view, which made me think: “Wow! This looks like a professional shoot.” I thought to myself while being filmed (laughs). The personal maker of this great life-size Mizuhara figure was also there, and it was very frivolous and fun! I thought it was this groove that made the real Chizuru complete, right down to the clothes!

Those responsible for Kanojo, Okarishimasu took the opportunity to tell me how much they love the franchise, and I don’t know what their faces were as they spoke, but I’m sure they had a big smile! Just like Kazuya on our date in the uniform! It would have been a miracle to have the opportunity to directly express my love for the work, so I was very happy!

Keigo-san on his SNS about his experience with Mizuhara’s life-size figurine
Fan enjoys date with life-size figurine of Mizuhara

Kodansha arranged the whole date and provided all expenses. This date took place in Asakusa Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Asakusa.

The reaction of Miyajima Reiji (Author of Rent-a-Girlfriend)

If you are familiar with the author’s Twitter account, you should know how obsessed he is with his creations, especially Mizuhara. So, he didn’t fall behind and posted a picture with her life-size figurine.

The tweet roughly translates as:

I’ve been on a date. no objection

Miyajima Reiji on Twitter

On one side, this shows how obsessed he is with his creations and also, he felt jealous that someone else was able to date Chizuru Mizuhara. He immediately takes the figurine to the same place as the winner of the lottery and shows everyone how she only belongs to him.

Miyajima Reiji has always been like this on his Twitter. In time, he showed everyone who is his girlfriend, which was Mizuhara, drawn in his real-life home.

On the other hand, fans have been criticizing Rent-a-Girlfriend manga because of a specific chapter with too many controversial events, and fans did not like it. Some fans even went to the Twitter account of Miyajima Reiji to express their feelings.

Rent a Girlfriend has received 2 anime seasons with 2nd season, having a rating of 6.88 on MAL, even though the controversial chapter was not even present in it. Currently, the Season 3 of Rent a Girlfriend is under production.

Fan enjoys date with life-size figurine of Mizuhara

Rent-a-Girlfriend’s Synopsis:

“Kazuya” is a college boy suddenly rejected by his beautiful girlfriend “, Mami.” Seeking relief, he decides to hire a rental girlfriend to soothe his pain. He rents “Chizuru,” a goddess-like girl who spends a perfect day with him, and Kazuya thinks she is the one he must now date. But he soon realizes that she does all this to gain the customer’s affection, and he rates her poorly.

One thing leads to another, and they both realize they are studying in the same college, and Chizuru disguises himself in a different appearance. Kazuya later learns that Chizuru is doing everything to pursue her dreams. Somehow, Chizuru is now his actual girlfriend of Kazuya in front of his grandmother, and things get complicated. And to make everything worse, they even live next door. So, they decide to become friends with benefits and spend everyday life trying to keep their secrets and live a normal life. Kazuya also falls for every cute girl who gets a little frank with him.

Source: Miyajima Reiji’s Twitter Account

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