10 of the Richest Characters in Anime, Ranked

In the anime universe, some characters don’t just defeat villains; they also beat the stock market!

richest anime characters

There is an intriguing subgroup of characters in the colorful world of Japanese animation who stand out not for their unique abilities or brave acts but for their enormous fortune.

These people live in lavish houses, run enormous business empires, and enjoy a lifestyle that most others can only imagine.

These anime elites reinvent what it means to be wealthy in the animated world, from savvy business people to enigmatic nobles. And we screened the most intriguing ones for you!

Here are ten of the wealthiest characters in anime.

10. Gojo Satoru

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesJujutsu Kaisen
Worth1-2 Billion Yen
1$ roughly equals 150 Yen

Gojo Satoru” is one of the central characters of “Jujutsu Kaisen.” He is the strongest sorcerer and has maintained a balance in this world against evil spirits.

Although it hasn’t been mentioned once, “Satoru” possesses a fortune that no one can estimate. Being the beloved heir of the Gojo family, he possesses all the fortune his family has gathered since their emergence.

His fortune was indicated during the climax of the first season of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” when he transferred one million yen to Mei on a whim. It was to recommend his students for a promotion, as he was not allowed to do such an act because he was a teacher.

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9. Sinbad

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic
WorthTens of Billions of Yen

“Sinbad” is one of the supporting characters of “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic” and the former ruler of Sindria. He has developed some connections that can get him anything he wants.

He possesses seven of the most enormous dungeons that exist in nature, has eight generals under his direct command, and is the President of the most robust trading company present in the world.

Not only that, he is also one of the strongest characters present in this series. So, this much should be enough to tell you how rich this character is!

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8. Bulma

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesDragon Ball Series
WorthDozens of Billions of Yen

“Bulma” is a supporting character in “Dragon Ball Series” and the wife of Vegeta, one of the protagonists of this series. She is a genius scientist who joined the “Capsule Corporation” after her father retired.

Capsule Corporation is a company that manufactures capsules in which people can store their luggage. They are also involved in other projects, making them one of the biggest companies in the world.

Bulma gifted Andriod 17 a cruise ship when he was the last person standing during the “Tournament of Power.” And this was not even that big of a deal for her. So, this should give you an idea of how wealthy she is.

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7. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesJojo’s Bizarre Adventures
Worth~One Billion Dollars (Hundred Billion Yen)

“Speedwagon” is one of the main characters of the original “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.” He had a real glow-up story as he was first introduced as a thug who was attacking Jonathan, one of the protagonists of this story.

He acknowledged Jonathan’s greatness and decided to tag along on his journey. This was the jackpot for him, as he was named the head of “Speedwagon Foundation,” a significant oil production company located in America.

Settling as the head of such a big organization helped him support Jonathan in beating Dio and making connections with the powerful people and the underworld.

6. Kaiba

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesYu-Gi-Oh!
WorthHundreds of Billions of Yen

“Kaiba” is one of the main characters of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Not only is he the wealthiest child in this series, but also the wisest one. After a billionaire family adopted him, everything changed for him.

At a young age, he took over his stepfather’s company “KaibaCorp,” and changed its production from military-based to game-based products. Now, he aims to be the best player of Duel Monsters.

With such wealth at his disposal, he can buy anything he wants. But he wants to be the best Duel Monsters player without the influence of his riches!

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5. Ciel Phantomhive

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesBlack Butler
WorthHundreds of Billions of Yen

“Ciel Phantomhive” is one of the main protagonists of “Black Butler” and the person who serves the Queen. He is the current owner of “Funtom Corporation,” a world-famous toy manufacturing company.

Ciel inherited this company after his parent died. With his family being one of the wealthiest families in England, he has to maintain his reputation as a gentleman.

So, he never acts emotional and is still adding assets to his family’s business. He owns the best butler someone can imagine, and being under the command’s direct command gives him the authority to do anything he wants!

4. Mikage Reo

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesBlue Lock
WorthSeven Hundred Billion Yen

“Mikage Reo” is one of the supporting characters of “Blue Lock series.” He is the heir of Mikage Corporation, a multinational company that develops electronics.

Since his childhood, Reo has lived a lavish life. He spent his life in elite schools, got anything he wanted, and everything was easygoing for him due to his father’s links and money.

But he got bored of this and joined Blue Lock, searching for a thrill. The translation earpiece everyone used during the “Neo Egoist League” was manufactured by Reo’s Mikage Corporation, so his influence is everywhere.

3. Daisuke Kambe

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesThe Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited
WorthTens of Trillions of Yen

“Daisuke” is one of the two protagonists of “The Millionaire Detective.” He is the millionaire detective of this series, but his riches go far beyond millions, as he has demonstrated some ridiculous deals during the series.

He is the current head of the billionaire family, the Kambe family. He started doing his job as a detective, during which he used money to solve everything. This got him on bad terms with his partner, but he followed instinct and kept doing it.

During a case, to follow a culprit fleeing in a car, he bought a luxurious car of a prince by transferring him a billion yen on the spot. So, the wealth goes beyond billions of yen and reaches to trillions!

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2. Nagi Sanzenin

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesHayate The Combat Butler
WorthDozens of Trillions of Yen

“Nagi” is one of the main protagonists of “Hayate The Combat Butler.” She is the current holder of the Sanzenin fortune, the most significant fortune in this series.

Her riches are not limited to any number, as she has unlimited money. She spent 10 trillion dollars at any investment event, which was just a joke to her.

The only family she has left is her grandfather, whom she doesn’t come on good terms with. So, all the fortune of her family is at her disposal.

1. Kaguya Shinomiya

10 of the Richest Characters in Anime
Anime SeriesKaguya-sama: Love is War
Worth200 Trillion Yen

“Kaguya” is the female protagonist of “Kaguya-sama: Love is War.” She is the daughter of one of the wealthiest people in Japan. Her father owns “Shinomiya Cologmente,” one of Japan’s four most prominent companies.

She comes to high school in a car every day, has a private chef who cooks her lunch and has a maid who serves her all day when she is at home. Not only this, she is also a very intellectual person as she has won awards in academics, as well as in sports.

This wealth lavished Kaguya’s life, but she couldn’t open up to people because of her elite status. This became a downside to Kaguya, as her only friend is her maid named “Hayasaka.”

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