Solo Leveling Anime Announcement Will Be Made During Anime Expo, Poster Leaked

A key visual for the Solo Leveling anime announcement has been leaked by a user on a Chinese social media platform, Weibo. The official announcement for the Solo Leveling anime adaptation is expected tonight during the Anime Expo event which is being held in Los Angeles, California. Take a look at the leaked key visual shared by a Weibo user:

Solo Leveling anime poster

The rumours of Solo Leveling getting an anime adaptation has been circulating on the social media for a while now. The first time we heard about an anime adaptation for Solo Leveling manhwa series was back in January 2022 when a trusted leaker from China revealed that hit manhwa is getting an anime. In June 2022, a website domain for Solo Leveling was registered by the same company who is responsible for handling domains of the hit anime series produced by studio A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online), and it is expected the A-1 Pictures will also be responsible for animating Solo Leveling..

Previously, many fans thought that Solo Leveling anime series would be impossible because Japan is not shown as a ‘good guy’ in the manhwa, and this is still a debate whether the content that shows Japan in a bad light will be cut from the anime adaptation.

Solo Leveling manhwa is based on a web novel, under the name “Only I Level Up”, written by Chugong. The series became pretty popular in a short period of time that it was picked up by D&C to be adapted as Manhwa. It follows the story of Sung Jin Wo, who is a D class hunter. Due to an accident in a dungeon one day, he attains a system which allows him to level up.

We will get the official confirmation of the anime in a few hours during the Aniplex panel at Anime Expo. New trailer, cast, and staff reveal is also expected at the event. Are you excited for the anime adaptation of SL? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Twitter

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