Tokyo Revengers Manga Is Close To Ending

The first season of the anime adaptation of “Tokyo Revengers” was a smashing success, and this led to a surge in manga sales, which had already been doing well in Japan. The manga adaptation of Tokyo Revengers appears to be winding down now that the second season of the TV show is only a few months away from returning to TV.

tokyo revengers manga ending

According to Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue 47, where the manga series gets published, the manga series written by Ken Wakui is heading to the climax of the final arc. Volume 30 of the Tokyo Revengers manga will be released on November 17, 2022.

Weekly Shonen Jump issue 47 is scheduled to release on October 18; however, we have already received the leaks via @MangaMugura (Twitter). The same issue will publish the result of the character popularity poll.

If you don’t know, manga publishers usually send magazine copies to the bookstores days before the official release date. Owners and employees of these bookstores have early access; sometimes, they share significant updates before their official release date.

Tokyo Revengers manga

There are probably 5 to 10 chapters left, so if you haven’t read the manga, you should start reading it before the manga ends since we all know how difficult it is to avoid spoilers in this modern age.

On the other hand, Tokyo Revengers anime season 1 covered till Volume 9 of the manga, so there is plenty of source material which can be made into season 2, 3 and possibly a fourth season.

Ken Wakui has been publishing the manga since March 2017, and other than the anime adaptation be Liden Film, the series has gotten a live-action film adaptation in July 2021. A second live-action film is scheduled to release in 2023.

Fan favourite character, Draken, will be voiced by Masaya Fukunishi as he replaced Tatsuhisa Suzuki, following the cheating scandal involving anime singer, LiSA.

What are your thoughts on the Tokyo Revengers manga series ending so soon? Do you think the ending will be rushed or are you satisfied with the pacing of the series? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

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