Top 10 Anime Opening Songs of the Spring 2023, Ranked

Anime openings significantly contribute to setting the tone of a season. They have the power to captivate audiences and, consequently, play a crucial role in enhancing an anime’s popularity.

In recent times, anime franchises are increasingly seeking out talented singers to perform their openings. This implies that there’s a growing competition to craft the perfect anime opening song, one that harmoniously blends superb videography and vocals.

In this Spring anime season, we have an impressive roster of standout tracks from both well-known and lesser-known anime series.

Top 10 Anime Opening Songs of the Spring 2023 Season

Here are our top 10 anime openings of the Spring Season in 2023.

Please note that when we refer to “Anime Openings,” we are only considering videos uploaded by media company channels such as KADOKAWA and the like. Videos shared by singers on their personal YouTube channels will not be included in our evaluation. This approach ensures fairness and uniformity in our assessment.

10. “Never Say Never”

Name of AnimeEdens Zero 2nd Season
Name of Singer/BandTakanori Nishikawa
Number of ViewsTBA (Not Uploaded Officially)

“Never Say Never” falls into a mediocre anime opening category. The opening song of Season 1 of Edens Zero was a banger, the same couldn’t be replicated for Season 2. The opening follows mediocre videography, mostly just the new characters introduced in the sequel.

The vocals are always good because most Anisongs, or Japanese songs, generally have good and meaningful lyrics. But the videography takes it down to number 10 in the ranking of the best anime opening.

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9. “Unmei Kyoudoutai”

Name of AnimeThe Cafe Terrace and Its Goddesses
Name of Singer/BandNeriame
Number of Views590,000+

“Unmei Kyoudoutai” was this season’s underdog opening song, primarily ignored by the audience because this anime series was Ecchi genre (not the most popular genre). The videography and vocals of this opening are done pretty well, and the opening is fun to watch.

The second part of the opening does feel slightly off in terms of videography, but this anime opening was one of the best of the Spring Season. On the other hand, the anime was just okay, with its primary focus on the Ecchi genre.

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8. “Gradation”

Name of AnimeMy Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999
Name of Singer/BandKANA-BOON
Number of Views930,000+

“Gradation” follows good videography that is combined with soothing vocals. The anime opening tells more or less the synopsis of the anime series. The combination of video game characters and the characters, in reality, gave the opening a neat touch.

“KANA-BOON” are famous in the anime industry as they have performed the anime opening songs of many anime series. Most famous being “Silhouette” for Naruto Shippuden, “Torch of Liberty” for Fire Force Season 2, and “Star Maker” for My Hero Academia Season 4.

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7. “Mellow”

Name of AnimeSkip and Loafer
Name of Singer/BandKeina Suda
Number of Views1.5 million+

“Mellow” made it into this season’s headlines as it featured a cute and soothing anime opening song. The videography was done excellently, and the vocals were executed perfectly, just according to the vibe of the anime series.

“Keina Suda” is a new singer in the Anisong industry. He has performed some Anisongs in the 2020s, the most famous of which is the ending song of Fire Force, “Veil’.

6. “innocent arrogance.”

Name of AnimeHeavenly Delusion
Name of Singer’BandBiSH
Number of Views1.4 million+

“innocent arrogance” was one of the best-animated opening songs of the Spring Season. It featured a videography that was like none other. The song’s vocals were also executed pretty well, which made this song a perfect symphony of everything.

“BiSH” has been the underdog of the anime industry. He has performed some fantastic opening songs, but most have been for series that weren’t well known; one example is the opening song of ‘Godzilla: S. P”.

5. “W●RK”

Name of AnimeHell’s Paradise
Name of Singer/Bandmillennium parade and Sheena Ringo
Number of Views4.2

“W●RK” is a perfect combination of striking visuals and perfect vocals. The beat drops throughout the song give you goosebumps, and the visuals alongside these beat drops, make this opening song one of the best opening songs of this year.

“millennium parade” is a band, and “Sheena Ringo” is a solo singer. Sheena Ringo works as a solo artist and a band member of the Japanese band “Tokyo Jihen.” Her voice is very similar to the famous Japanese singer “millet.”

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4. “Shayou”

Name of AnimeThe Dangers of My Heart
Name of Singer/BandYorushika
Number of Views1.4 million+

“Shayou” is the best romance anime opening song of the Spring Season. It features a soothing and mellow song backed up by a beautifully animated video that is hard to beat.

“Yorushika” is a top-rated Japanese band famous for songs like Itte. They started performing Anisongs near the 2020s. Their most famous Anisongs are the ending and opening songs of the anime movie “A Whisker Away.”

3. “Kizuna no Kiseki”

Name of AnimeDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc
Name of Singer/BandMAN WITH A MISSION & milet
Number of ViewsTBA (Not Officially Posted)

“Kizuna no Kiseki” was a banger throughout the Spring Season, which involved the collaboration between two heavyweights of the Japanese music industry, i.e., milet and MAN WITH A MISSION. The anime opening did everything perfectly, from the videography to the vocals.

“milet” has done some Anisongs; some of the popular ones are “Flare” for Ranking of the Kings and “Drown” for Vinland Saga. MAN WITH A MISSION has done Anisongs like “Dark Crow” for Vinland Saga and “My Hero” for Inuyashiki.

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2. ‘Setsuna no Chikai”

Name of AnimeTONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2
Name of Singer/BandNeko Hacker feat. Tsukasa Yuzaki (Voice Actress: Akari Kitou)
Number of Views670,000+

“Setsuna no Chikai” was this year’s most visually appealing anime song. This anime opening has good vocals, but the videography of this song is on another level. For those of you who have caught up to the manga, you will realize how the whole series was summed up in this anime opening.

The anime opening was part of the character development of Tsukasa, the female protagonist of the series. The voice actress of Tsukasa, Akira Kitou, was also involved in performing the anime opening, as she provided vocals for the opening.

1. “Idol”

Name of AnimeOshi no Ko
Name of Singer/BandYOASOBI
Number of Views18 million+

“Idol” is not only Spring season but might be this year’s best anime opening song, as it even topped the global ranking, a first for a Japanese song. Everything done in this song was perfect, from videography to vocals.

“YOASOBI” is a new band in the anime industry, introducing fantastic music from the start. The famous Anisongs they worked on are “Monster” and “Yasashii Suisei” for Beastars.

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Did we miss any of your favorite anime openings from this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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