10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor

Plot armor: a term that every anime fan knows all too well. It’s that special shield creators bestow upon their characters, ensuring they survive against all odds to witness their story’s climax.

anime plot armor

Usually reserved for protagonists, this plot armor becomes a series’ backbone, keeping the main characters in the game even when danger looms at every turn.

This miraculous survival skill kicks in during the most critical moments, especially when a protagonist faces what seems like a certain death.

Mainstream anime series are filled with characters having strong plot armor; here are the ten anime characters blessed with such impenetrable plot armor that they have faced threats that should have ended their life, but they survived with no major permanent injuries.

10. Kamado Tanjiro

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleDemon Slayer

“Kamado Tanjiro” is the main protagonist of “Demon Slayer.” He has a kind personality, as he even pities his enemies (demons), a distinct characteristic of this character.

Tanjiro has escaped death multiple times throughout the series while battling the Upper Moon Demons (strongest demons).

These demons have killed Hashiras (Strongest Demon Slayers) in the past, so Tanjiro killing such beasts is a solid plot armor for him.

Despite all that, he is still your run-of-the-mill demon slayer. He hasn’t been promoted to a Hashira, although a seat can be filled (left by Rengoku, who was killed during the Mugen Train Arc).

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9. Gabimaru

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleHell’s Paradise

“Gabimaru” is the main protagonist of “Hell’s Paradise” and is more commonly known as “Gabimaru the Hollow.” He has a calm and calculated demeanor and thinks before every decision.

At the start of the series, he was thought to be immortal, a myth busted by Sagiri, the female protagonist of this series. Gabimaru is a shinobi (ninja) assassin capable of using supernatural moves.

During the first season, Gabimaru fought a Sennin (God in human form) named Zhu Jin. Not only did he escape alive, but he almost killed God, which is pretty impressive.

He has some supernatural abilities, but to beat a God and come out alive takes some serious strength and plot armor.

8. Hanagaki Takemitchi

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleTokyo Revengers

“Hanagaki Takemitchy” is the main protagonist of “Tokyo Revengers.” Despite his weak body, he wants to join Tokyo’s biggest gang, the Tokyo Manji Gang.

The journey of Takemitchy throughout the series hasn’t been easy, as he has faced some vital gang members and has returned alive in a miserable state!

The most prominent example is from Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers when Takemitchy faced Hakkai Shiba, a former leader of Black Dragons (Gang).

Hakkai was double the size of Takemitchy and more robust than him. But the season ended with Takemitchy stopping Hakkai and coming out alive. That is some severe plot armor!

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7. Izuku Midoriya

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleMy Hero Academia

“Izuku Midoriya” is the main protagonist of “My Hero Academia.” He is a quirkless boy in a world controlled by people who have quirks (powers).

Midoriya inherited the quirk “One for All” from All Might (The strongest hero alive), and his journey started to become the strongest hero in this world.

The start of his journey was filled with exciting encounters, as his first test to enroll in the U. A. Hero Academy was a hair-close escape from death.

Later, he battled even more dangerous villains, and his plot armor was the only thing saving him. He battled the series’ main antagonist, Shigaraki, and came out barely alive, thanks to it.

6. Denji

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleChainsaw Man

“Denji” is the main character of “Chainsaw Man” and the person who contracted with the Chainsaw Devil to get his powers.

Denji started his life as a miserable child trying to fill his father’s loan, who died in a car accident. In doing so, he encountered different demons and was on the verge of dying.

But his pet Pochita contracted with him, as he was the Chainsaw Devil. After this, he became the Chainsaw Man and was hired by Makima.

Denji has faced near-death situations and came alive due to his pet demon’s help and a decent plot armor.

His fight with the first devil that killed him and the Leech Devil was pretty close as he used the last of his Chainsaw Devil powers. But thanks to a good plot armor, he survived.

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5. Uzumaki Boruto

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleBoruto: Naruto Next Generations

“Uzumaki Boruto” is the main protagonist of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” He has a very quick-tempered personality and hardly respects his elders.

Boruto inherited the “Karma” mark, meaning an Otsusuki resides inside his body. And this Otsusuki is “Momoshiki,” the early antagonist of this series.

Having this mark on him, he has been targeted by various strong villains. But he has always made out alive with the help of the Otsusuki residing inside him.

This was because the Otsusuki needed a solid vessel to stay alive, and Boruto was the one! But his plot armor came into play when he was on the brink of death after his fight with Kawaki, another protagonist of this show.

This punched a hole in Boruto, thus making his survival chances lower. But his plot armor came in clutch and saved him.

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4. Riko

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleMade in Abyss

“Riko” is one of the protagonists of this series. She is jolly and loves supporting others in their complex tasks!

Riko wants to venture into the abyss and find out about her mom, whom she hasn’t witnessed once. So, she takes Reg, one of the protagonists of this series, and ventures into the depths of this abyss.

The abyss is filled with unimaginable horrors which no one can pass through. But Riko’s perseverance and plot armor enable her to endure this eerie adventure!

Nanachi, one of the protagonists of this series, made her first appearance when she was saving Riko, as she made hair close escape from death!

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3. Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito)

10 Anime Characters With The Strongest Plot-Armor
Anime TitleSword Art Online

“Kirigaya Kirito” is the main protagonist of “Sword Art Online.” He has a calm personality, as he never rushes into anything without doing some research!

He was a beta player (he had played a test-running version of the existing game) in Sword Art Online, for which most players discriminated against him.

He decided to go solo after this and later formed a part with Asuna, one of the protagonists of this series. Kirito has escaped death multiple times.

Be it escaping a gunshot or coming out of depression due to the loss of a close friend, his plot armor always kicks in whenever a hard time arrives!

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2. Saitama

Anime TitleOne Punch Man

“Saitama” is the main protagonist of “One Punch Man.” He has a laid-back personality, even against the strongest villains; he is chill!

Saitama has the power of “One Punch,” which enables him to beat any opponent with just one punch.

This ability is his plot armor, enabling him to escape every situation with a single punch.

Be it the destroyer of galaxies or the king of the underworld, nothing can compare to Saitama’s one punch!

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1. Eren Yeager

Anime TitleAttack on Titan

“Eren Yeager” is the protagonist of “Attack on Titan.” He has a quick-witted personality who likes to jump into situations and see what happens!

He inherited some of the strongest titans (giant monsters), which allowed him to undertake his revenge!

He started his journey when his mother sacrificed herself by getting devoured by a titan, thus leaving a fire of revenge within him.

But the ultimate plot armor arrived, and Eren survived all situations that confronted him. Even against the allied forces of the world, he was flawless. Marley’s soldier, Gabi, shot him, which severed his head, but Eren still somehow managed to survive.

Although at the end of the series, Eren, despite having some of the most incredible titan powers in the world, was defeated. But as it turns out, it was Eren’s plan all along to get defeated by the hands of his friends.

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There you have it: 10 anime characters with the strongest plot armor, which saves them every time. Let us know what you think of this list in the comments below.

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