Hunter x Hunter Creator Shares The First Full Manga Drawing, Drawn By Him

Hunter x Hunter manga series is on track to return as the creator of the series; Yoshihiro Togashi recently shared the first complete character sketch drawn by him. A full character sketch is a piece of good news for fans who were worried about the author’s health.

Hunter x Hunter manga update

In the character sketch shared by the author on his Twitter account, you can see Kurapika, the protagonist of the ongoing arc. Gon and Killua won’t be seen anywhere in the manga soon because the author wants to focus on the stories of other characters. Togashi’s manga assistant previously revealed that the author’s current target is to draw 10 Hunter x Hunter manga chapters.

Thousands of Hunter x Hunter fans are anxiously waiting for the Hunter x Hunter manga series to return. When the author made his Twitter debut and announced that he would start drawing again, no one first believed that the Twitter account belonged to Togashi. On June 30th, Togashi opened up on his health condition, which was the main reason behind his numerous breaks from drawing Hunter x Hunter.

Togashi revealed that he had so much severe back pain that he couldn’t sit in a chair for 2 years, which is why he wasn’t able to draw. However, his love for Hunter x Hunter forced him to change his ways of drawing, and now he draws manga panels by lying on his back.

Yoshihiro Togashi started the Hunter x Hunter manga serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998. The manga series has been collected into 36 volumes. Viz Media is distributing the manga series in North America.

The Nippon Animation studio picked up the manga for an anime adaptation which aired from Oct 1999 to March 2001, having a total of 62 episodes. A second anime adaptation was produced by Studio Madhouse, which aired from Oct 2011 to Sept 2014, having a total of 148 episodes.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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