20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked

Anime isn’t just a world of epic battles, heartwarming moments, and dreamy love interests. It’s also a world where some characters are so infuriating they make your blood boil.

Whether it’s their actions, attitudes, or just their mere presence, these characters have a knack for getting under your skin.

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked

But why do we feel so strongly about them? It’s because the world of anime allows for limitless possibilities, including the creation of characters we love to hate.

So, buckle up as we descend into the darker corners of the anime universe to unveil the 21 most disliked characters of all time. To keep things fair, we’ve limited our list to just one character per series.

20. The Man Who Rejected Mitsuri

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesDemon Slayer
Reason for dislikeRejected a girl because of her hair color

This unnamed man turned down Mitsuri simply because her hair was pink. Mitsuri, known as the Love Hashira, is one of the most captivating characters in the series. Yet, he chose to reject her over such a trivial detail.

In the aftermath, Mitsuri experienced an emotional breakdown due to her hair color, sparking widespread online backlash against this man.

Remarkably, even with minimal screentime and a role that doesn’t even qualify as “supporting character,” he’s managed to make a name for himself—despite that name remaining unknown.

19. Rudeus Greyrat

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesMushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Reason for dislikeDeviant Nature

Rudeus, the central figure of the series, is a mage of unparalleled power. Yet, his character has come under fire for his overly lecherous behavior—a trait that persists into the series’ second season.

Adding fuel to the fire is his tumultuous relationship with his father. Following a heated dispute, Rudeus didn’t hesitate to confront his father physically, even going so far as to punch him in front of his younger sister.

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18. Mineta Minoru

20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesMy Hero Academia
Reason for dislikeDeviant Nature

Mineta might be a supporting character, but he’s far from a fan favorite. From the moment he’s introduced, his lecherous tendencies immediately set off alarm bells. It’s not just that he’s a flirt; he’s a character who consistently makes the women around him uncomfortable.

Whether it’s Ochako, Tsuyu, Momo, or any of the other female characters, Mineta has a knack for making them feel uneasy, if not downright disgusted. His actions aren’t just a one-time thing; they’re a recurring issue that has led to a wave of disapproval from fans.

17. Hayase

20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesTo Your Eternity
Reason for dislikeAnnoying Nature

Hayase may have started as a minor character, but she quickly became a major source of annoyance for fans. Initially appearing sporadically, her true colors began to show as she gained more screen time. But it’s not just her irritating demeanor that has fans up in arms; it’s her actions.

Hayase develops an unsettling obsession with Fuushi, the main protagonist, going so far as to stalk him relentlessly. Fuushi eventually takes drastic measures to distance himself, leaving her stranded in a boat.

Yet, her actions don’t stop there. Hayase is also responsible for the deaths of several characters in the series.

16. Sweyn Frokbear

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesVinland Saga
Reason for dislikeObsession with Power

Sweyn Forkbeard, though a supporting character, has left an indelible mark on the series’ fanbase. Known as a king consumed by his thirst for power and territory, he’s willing to stoop to any low to achieve his ambitions.

His emotional detachment extends even to his family. He coldly declared his own son as good as dead, leaving a lasting emotional scar. It’s no wonder he’s so reviled within the community; his very visage seems to radiate negativity and malice.

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15. Naoko Ueno

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesA Silent Voice
Reason for dislikeJealousy

Naoko Ueno serves as a supporting character in the film and was once an elementary school friend to protagonists Ishida and Nishimiya. Her character is widely disliked due to the jealousy-driven actions she takes, actions that have left a lasting impression on audiences.

Initially, she and Ishida would tease Nishimiya in a seemingly harmless manner. However, upon discovering Nishimiya’s feelings for Ishida, Ueno escalated the situation by encouraging Ishida to engage in physical harassment.

What sets her apart is her lack of remorse; unlike Ishida, Ueno never comes to terms with the consequences of her actions by the series’ end.

14. Kuradeel

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesSword Art Online
Reason for dislikeJealousy

Kuradeel is a minor character in Sword Art Online, serving as Asuna’s guard during her separation from Kirito. Despite his limited screen time, he’s garnered significant disdain from fans. His jealousy towards Kirito, whom he views as just a beta player, is palpable and fuels his actions throughout his appearances.

Things take a dark turn when Kirito joins Asuna’s guild and is sent on a solo mission. Seizing the opportunity, Kuradeel betrays Kirito and attempts to end his life.

Just as Kirito’s H.P. drops to a critical level, Asuna swoops in to save the day. Later, it’s revealed that Kuradeel is a member of the nefarious Laughing Coffin group, further cementing his status as a disliked character.

13. Himeno

Himeno Most Hated Character of Chainsaw Man
Anime SeriesChainsaw Man
Reason for DislikeSelfish Attitude

Himeno, a supporting character in the series, has garnered a fair share of disdain from the fandom. Her selfishness in pursuing her own goals, often at the expense of others, has made her a contentious figure.

During the battle against the Eternity Devil, she was willing to jeopardize Denji’s life, a move unbecoming of a professional. Her obsession with Aki knows no bounds; she’s prepared to betray her teammates if it means getting closer to him. Her manipulative use of Denji to reach Aki continues until her own devil ultimately takes her life.

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12. Mahito

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesJujutsu Kaisen
Reason for dislikeSadist Attitude

Mahito is no ordinary villain; he’s a special-grade unregistered cursed spirit and a key antagonist in the series. What makes him particularly loathsome is his psychological warfare; he doesn’t just battle—it’s as if he invades the very souls of his opponents.

Take, for instance, his chilling manipulation of Junpei, which was aimed at luring out the fearsome King of Curses, Sukuna. When the plan backfired, the emotional wreckage it left on Yuuji, another central character, was devastating.

And Mahito isn’t done; he has his sights set on one of Yuuji’s mentors for his next cruel act. It’s this relentless emotional manipulation that cements Mahito’s place as a character you’ll love to despise.

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11. Jason

20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesTokyo Ghoul
Reason for dislikeSadist Attitude

Jason isn’t just your run-of-the-mill antagonist; he’s the embodiment of sadistic pleasure in the first season of Tokyo Ghoul. What sets him apart is his perverse enjoyment in the suffering of others, particularly Kaneki, the series’ protagonist. This twisted fascination has made him one of the most reviled characters among fans.

Imagine being kidnapped and subjected to daily torture—that’s precisely what Jason did to Kaneki. He would confine him in a cellar and sadistically sever his fingers, knowing they would regenerate due to Kaneki’s ghoul nature. This relentless torment led to a complete mental breakdown for Kaneki, altering his personality forever.

But Jason’s reign of terror comes to a climactic end in a showdown known as the “1000-7” game, a battle so well-animated it’s considered a modern anime masterpiece. It’s here that Kaneki finally defeats him, giving fans a moment of cathartic release.

10. Mami

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesRent-a-Girlfriend
Reason for dislikeSadist Attitude

Mami isn’t just a supporting character; she’s the ex-girlfriend you love to hate in this anime series. What makes her particularly detestable is her domineering attitude toward Kazuya, the main protagonist, and her apparent desire to keep him from finding happiness.

Picture this: After breaking up with Kazuya and leaving him emotionally shattered, she finds out he’s moved on with a stunning new girlfriend, Chizuru. You’d think she’d be happy for him, right? Wrong.

Consumed by jealousy, Mami re-enters the picture, flirting with Kazuya in a calculated attempt to sabotage his newfound relationship.

9. Akira Takaoka

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesAssassination Classroom
Reason for dislikeViolent Nature

Akira Takaoka is a P.E. teacher; he’s the kind of instructor who becomes the stuff of student nightmares. After joining a school, Takaoka quickly earns the disdain of not just his students but the entire anime fan community. Why? Because he believes in treating his young charges like seasoned army soldiers.

Imagine being a student in his class and getting kicked in the abdomen with full force on the very first day. That’s Takaoka’s idea of an introduction. His deeply flawed belief that violence is an effective teaching method makes him a universally despised figure.

It’s not until Nagisa, one of the students, takes a stand against him that his reign of terror faces any real challenge.

8. Sakura Haruno

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime TitleNaruto Franchise
Reason for dislikeSelfish Attitude

Sakura Haruno is more than just a supporting character in the anime world; she’s become a symbol of divisive fandom opinion. What makes her particularly controversial is her self-centered demeanor and inconsistent treatment of Naruto and Sasuke, two central figures in the series.

She frequently resorts to physical violence against Naruto for minor offenses. While these actions are often played for comedic relief, their excessive repetition has made Sakura a contentious figure among fans.

However, it’s worth noting that Sakura does undergo some character development in the later parts of the series, offering a glimmer of redemption for those willing to see it.

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7. Flare

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesRedo of a Healer
Reason for dislikeSadist Attitude

Flare, a standout figure in the Redo of Healer series, has become infamous for all the wrong reasons. Initially, she appears to be a dream come true for Keyaru, who is chosen to be her future partner. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

Flare’s sadistic tendencies reveal themselves as she subjects Keyaru to relentless abuse, both physical and emotional.

But she doesn’t stop there. Flare takes her manipulation to a new level by administering substances to Keyaru, making him dependent and easier to control. This calculated cruelty has made her one of the most universally despised characters in the series, sparking endless discussions and debates among fans.

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6. Rachel

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesTower of God
Reason for dislikeSelfishness

Rachel is a character from Tower of God anime, who leaves a lasting impression, but not for the reasons you’d hope. She starts off as (protagonist) Bam’s best friend, a beacon of light in his life at the world’s bottom—a desolate, dark place where hope is scarce.

Together, they dream of climbing the tower, a mysterious and perilous structure said to hold the answers to life’s greatest questions.

However, Rachel’s true nature is far from the loyal friend she initially appears to be. Her selfishness isn’t just a minor flaw; it’s a betrayal waiting to happen. She leaves Bam to ascend the tower on her own, prompting him to follow her.

He supports her through all the trials they face, but just as they’re about to move to the next level, Rachel commits an act of betrayal: she pushes Bam off the platform.

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5. Saint Charlos

20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesOne Piece
Reason for dislikeArrogant Nature

Saint Charlos isn’t just a supporting character; he’s a living embodiment of arrogance and cruelty. As a Celestial Dragon, he belongs to the elite class that rules the world, and he exploits this position in the most despicable ways imaginable.

His disdain for anyone not of Celestial Dragon lineage is palpable, fueling widespread animosity toward him.

But it’s not just his arrogance that makes him detestable; it’s his actions. Saint Charlos has taken lives for the pettiest of reasons and abducted women to force them into marriage. His disdain for other races is evident when he dismisses Hacchin during the Marineford Arc simply for being a fishman.

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4. Gabi Braun

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesAttack on Titan
Reason for dislikeMurder

Gabi burst onto the Attack on Titan scene in the series’ later stages, and she quickly became the character fans love to hate. Her notoriety skyrocketed when she killed a beloved character, instantly making her the target of fan ire.

But it’s not just the shocking death that has fans up in arms; it’s also her seemingly invincible plot armor. Gabi appears to have an uncanny ability to never miss a target, even those moving at high speeds resulting in hurting some of the most loved characters from the series.

Add to that the fact that she seems to escape any form of retribution for her actions, and you’ve got a character who fans can’t help but despise.

3. Malty

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesThe Rising of the Shield Hero
Reason for dislikeSadist Attitude

Malty is a character who wastes no time in revealing her true colors. From the very first episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, she becomes an instant object of disdain.

When Naofumi, the Shield Hero, finds himself alone in a new world, Malty offers a glimmer of hope by teaming up with him. But this hope is short-lived.

In a twist, Malty frames Naofumi for harassment, revealing her sadistic streak. This act not only tarnishes Naofumi’s reputation but also sets him on a difficult path filled with obstacles.

2. Griffth

20 of the Most Disliked Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesBerserk
Reason for dislikeUnspeakable Crimes

Griffith is a character whose transformation from a charismatic leader to a malevolent antagonist has left fans reeling. Initially, he was a figure of inspiration, someone his followers could look up to.

But everything changes after the Eclipse, when he becomes a part of the “God Hand” as “Femto.”

The shift in his character is not just a change; it’s a descent into malevolence that surprised the community. One of his first acts as Femto is to assault Casca, Guts’ lover, right in front of him. This act not only devastates Guts but also pushes him to the point where he rips off his own arm in a desperate attempt to reach Griffith.

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1. Shou Tucker

20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time, Ranked
Anime SeriesFullmetal Alchemist
Reason for dislikeImmoral Experimentation

Shou Tucker holds a special place in the anime community, but for all the wrong reasons. His actions go beyond the pale, even in a medium known for its complex and sometimes dark characters. Tucker’s experiments aren’t just unethical; they’re monstrous.

His first chimera, a fusion of his wife and a dog, failed to impress the government. Undeterred and desperate to keep his license, Tucker commits an act that’s beyond redemption.

Ignoring all moral boundaries, he creates another chimera. This time, the “ingredients” are even more horrifying: his own daughter, Nina, and their family dog, Alexander. This act of unspeakable cruelty makes Shou Tucker the epitome of heinousness, earning him the title of the most disliked character in the anime world.

And there you have it: our roundup of the top 20 most disliked characters in the anime community. Do you agree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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