Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked

“Seinen” may translate to “youth” in Japanese, but don’t let the term fool you. This genre of manga and anime is tailored for a mature audience, typically ranging from 18 to 40-year-olds.

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked

While some may associate Seinen with the “Ecchi” genre, that’s only a fraction of what it has to offer. Seinen anime series explore the complex themes and narratives that often go beyond the grasp of younger viewers, making them a distinct category in the world of anime.

Year after year, new Seinen anime series hit the screens, but only a handful rise to the top, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following. So, how do we determine which ones are truly the cream of the crop?

To bring you the most accurate ranking, we’ve aggregated scores from MyAnimeList and AniList, two of the most reputable anime databases. This approach minimizes bias and offers a more holistic view.

Now, without further delay, let’s explore the top 10 highest-rated Seinen anime series of all time.

For the sake of fairness, our focus will be on the inaugural seasons of these anime series.

10. Berserk (1997)

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes25 Episodes
GenreFantasy, Adventure, Drama, Horror

“Berserk (1997)” is an anime masterpiece that didn’t fully receive its due until fans grew disenchanted with a more recent, subpar remake of Berserk anime (released in 2016). While it may not capture the full depth of the original manga, it remains a compelling watch for those who prefer anime.

The series revolves around Guts, a young man with a harrowing past who now lives as a mercenary taking on the highest-paying jobs. His life takes a significant turn when he encounters Griffith, a charismatic and skilled swordsman. After losing to Griffith in a duel, Guts finds himself reluctantly joining his band of warriors.

As the story unfolds, a series of dark events are set into motion when Griffith sustains a serious injury. This leads to a grim and uncertain future, casting a shadow over everyone involved.

9. Ranking of the Kings

ranking of kings treasure chest of courage
Number of Episodes33 Episodes (2 Seasons)
GenreAdventure, Fantasy

“Ranking of the Kings” is a remarkable creation by Wit Studio, crafted at a time when the studio was on the brink of bankruptcy. So the studio poured their sweat and blood to make this anime a commercial success.

The anime combines simplistic animation with stunning visuals, compelling viewers to invest their time to see how the story unfolds.

The narrative focuses on Bojji, a deaf prince who lacks physical prowess and is largely dismissed by those around him. However, his life takes a turn when he encounters Kage, a shadowy figure who admires Bojji’s resilience. Together, they form an unlikely partnership with the goal of proving their strength to the world.

While Bojji may struggle physically, his other senses are heightened, making him more perceptive than most. With Kage by his side, the duo sets out on a journey to defy expectations and show the world what they’re truly capable of.

8. Attack on Titan

attack on titan mappa
Number of Episodes89 Episodes (4 Seasons)
GenreSuspense, Action, Fantasy,

“Attack on Titan” has become one of the most iconic anime series globally, overcoming challenges like a mid-production studio change to establish a reputation unparalleled in the anime world.

The story revolves around Eren, a young boy who witnesses the horrifying death of his mother at the hands of Titans—gigantic humanoid creatures. Fueled by this traumatic event, he vows to exterminate Titans from the Earth, joined by his childhood friend and adoptive sister.

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Set in a world besieged by Titans, humans have taken refuge behind massive walls built by their ancestors. Eren, who resides within these protective barriers, has always been fascinated by what lies beyond them.

His world is shattered when a colossal Titan breaches the walls, leading to catastrophic loss of life. In the chaos, Eren’s mother is trapped and ultimately devoured by a Titan, right before his eyes. This traumatic event solidifies his resolve to eliminate Titans once and for all—but can he succeed?

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7. Ping Pong The Animation

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes11 Episodes
GenreDrama, Sports

“Ping Pong The Animation” is a groundbreaking sports anime that captivated audiences with its unique animation style. Its straightforward yet engaging plot also adds to its appeal.

The series focuses on two gifted table tennis players, Smile and Peco, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Their perspectives change dramatically when they witness a national-level player in action, inspiring them to aim for unparalleled greatness in the sport.

Smile possesses natural talent but often restrains himself during matches, while Peco dreams of becoming the world’s best player but tends to slack off. Their motivation takes a sharp turn when an ex-national champion visits their high school and soundly defeats Peco.

This humbling experience serves as a wake-up call, prompting both players to take their aspirations more seriously.

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6. Mushishi

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes46 Episodes
GenreAdventure, Mystery, Slice-of-life

“Mushishi” is a standout in the slice-of-life anime genre, offering viewers a calming and visually pleasing experience. The series even earned the prestigious Tokyo Anime Award in 2006.

The story explores the mysterious nature of Mushi, creatures that wander the Earth and are often considered to have no purpose according to myths. Intrigued by these beings, a Mushi Master named Ginko sets out on a journey to discover their role in sustaining the world’s balance.

Set in a mystical world where humans, animals, and Mushi coexist, “Mushishi” follows Ginko’s adventures as he seeks to understand these elusive creatures.

Each episode features a self-contained story focusing on individuals who have been affected by Mushi, highlighting the delicate balance between the natural and the supernatural.

5. Made in Abyss

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes25 Episodes + 1 Movie
GenreMystery, Adventure, Drama

“Made in Abyss” is an anime series that has captivated audiences worldwide with its masterful storytelling. The series elevates the concept of a “dark” theme, intriguing viewers and setting it apart from other anime.

The story focuses on an abyss, a mysterious chasm that piques the interest of our main character, Riko. She encounters a robot named Reg and decides to descend into the abyss in search of her mother. But the journey is far from a simple adventure.

Set in a world where the abyss is considered a forbidden zone, Riko’s curiosity is further fueled when Reg emerges from its depths. Ignoring the warnings from her community, she teams up with Reg to explore the abyss.

As they venture deeper, the challenges they face intensify and even encounters with allies force them to make difficult choices to grow stronger. The question remains: Will Riko find her mother, or will the abyss claim something irreplaceable from her first?

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4. Oshi no Ko

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes11 Episodes
GenreDrama, Supernatural

“Oshi no Ko” took the anime community by storm with its unconventional first episode, quickly gaining a dedicated following. The series tackles sensitive cultural stereotypes in Japan, offering viewers a nuanced look at the country’s complexities of idol culture.

The story revolves around Ai, a celebrated idol who finds herself pregnant and chooses to keep the identity of the father a secret. In a shocking twist, her doctor is killed just as she’s about to give birth, only to be reincarnated as Ai’s own son.

Set against the backdrop of Japan’s idol industry, “Oshi no Ko” delves into the life of the doctor, who is now reborn as Ai’s son and even has a twin sister.

Now living as the child of his idol, the doctor faces a future shrouded in uncertainty, especially since Ai’s motherhood remains a closely guarded secret.

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3. Vinland Saga

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes48 Episodes
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama

“Vinland Saga” is a captivating anime series that transports viewers to the era of Vikings. Similar to “Attack on Titan,” this series also experienced a mid-production studio change from Studio Wit to Studio Mappa. However, this transition only enhanced the show’s aesthetics and enriched its thematic depth.

The story focuses on Thorfinn, a young boy initially driven by the dream of finding a peaceful land known as Vinland. His life takes a dark turn when Askeladd, a merciless Viking, kills his father.

Consumed by a thirst for revenge, Thorfinn joins Askeladd’s crew, training diligently until he’s strong enough to exact his vengeance.

As the series unfolds, it offers numerous plot twists and developments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The central question remains: Will Thorfinn’s life continue to be dominated by revenge, or will he undergo a transformative change?

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2. Bocchi the Rock!

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
GenreComedy, Slice-of-life

“Bocchi the Rock!” is a seinen anime that has captured the hearts of its niche audience. Based on the manga that is published in a seinen magazine, the anime offers a lighthearted yet relatable take on adult challenges that resonate with introverts.

The story revolves around Gotou, a socially awkward girl with a passion for playing the guitar. Her dream is to join a band, but her shyness holds her back. That is until she crosses paths with Nijika, who invites her to join her band.

In this new setting, Gotou meets Ryou, the band’s bassist, and Kita, the vocalist. While she enjoys the camaraderie, she finds it challenging to adapt to this extroverted environment.

Fueled by her love for music and a newfound sense of courage, Gotou begins to embrace change, surprising even herself with her growing comfort among extroverts.

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1. Monster

Top 10 Highest-Rated Seinen Anime Series of All-Time, Ranked
Number of Episodes74 Episodes
GenreDrama, Mystery, Suspense

“Monster” stands as a pinnacle in the mystery-drama anime genre, and its status as the highest-rated seinen series is almost poetic. This anime masterfully crafts a compelling antagonist, challenging viewers to question the very nature of villainy and societal norms.

The story focuses on Dr. Tenma, a highly esteemed doctor who faces a moral dilemma when he chooses to operate on a famous performer over another patient, leading to the latter’s death. This decision haunts him, leaving an indelible mark on his career.

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Fate offers him a second chance when he opts to save a young boy over another high-profile patient. Although this choice costs him his job initially, he mysteriously regains it later.

Years pass, and the boy reemerges, not as the innocent child he once saved but as a malevolent force. Dr. Tenma is now in a race against time to stop the very monster he helped create.

And there you have it: The top 10 highest-rated seinen anime series, as ranked by MAL and AniList. Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our list of the Top 15 Highest-Rated Shounen Anime Series of all time.

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