10 Animated Series From Outside of Japan That Anime Fans Will Enjoy

The creator of the renowned Gundam series once remarked that Japan might soon lose its crown as the animation vanguard, predicting that China would take the lead.

The reason he provided was that anime is becoming more business-oriented in Japan, and for this reason, we get so many anime series each season which are “isekai” centered as they do well for the investors

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated

On the other hand, the global animation landscape is shifting. Countries like China and South Korea are rapidly honing their animation expertise, producing content that can rival Japan’s offerings in quality and creativity.

For viewers yearning for fresh narratives beyond the recurring themes of isekai, there’s a burgeoning world of animation waiting to be explored.

Join us as we journey through animated series from across the globe that stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of Japanese animation.

10. Hitori no Shita: The Outcast (2016)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating6.9
Number of Episodes56 Episodes (5 Seasons)
Animation StudioNamu Animation |South Korea|
Qiyuan Yinghua animation |China|
Haoliners Animation League |China|
BigFireBird Animation |China|
GenreAction, Supernatural, Drama

“Hitori no Shita: The Outcast” is an animated series adapted from the manhua titled “Yi Ren Zhi Xia.” One of the standout features of this series is its high-quality hand-to-hand combat animations, with contributions from episode directors who previously worked on the Naruto series.

However, aside from these impressive sequences, much of the show relies on below-average 3D animation, which can be underwhelming for many viewers. Additionally, some find the storyline less than captivating.

The narrative centers on Soran, a reclusive college student who returns to his hometown following the death of his grandfather. Here, he stumbles into a world teeming with supernatural occurrences, including resurrected beings called “Shoujo,” each possessing unique abilities.

As Soran explores deeper, he finds himself entangled in a power play among various groups competing for control over these entities. As the story unfolds, the connection between Soran and these supernatural beings becomes apparent. The pressing question is: can he navigate and survive in this perilous world?

9. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (2021)

DOTA: Dragon's Blood netflix
IMDB Rating7.7
Number of Episodes24 Episodes (3 Seasons)
Animation StudioStudio Mir |South Korea|
GenreAction, Supernatural

“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is an animated series that follows an original concept but is based on the popular mobile game “DOTA-2.” The anime didn’t satisfy every critic because it features 3D animation, a big red flag in the animation industry.

The plot follows the partnership between a human and a dragon, uniting to eradicate the world’s demons. However, their differing ideologies pose challenges, making collaboration difficult.

The series revolves around Davion, a dedicated dragon hunter. As he finds himself enmeshed in a tangled war filled with mighty dragons, ancient secrets, and formidable adversaries, the stakes grow ever higher.

In his quest to uncover the true extent of the dragon threat, Davion teams up with Mirana, a skilled elf princess. Yet, with such monumental challenges ahead, can Davion ensure a successful mission without any casualties?

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8. Lookism (2022)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating7.7
Number of Episodes8 Episodes
Animation StudioStudio Mir |South Korea|
GenreDrama, Supernatural, Action

“Lookism” is an animated series adapted from a highly acclaimed manhwa. While the animation quality was decent, the anime managed to tap into its inherent potential, earning a commendable fanbase. It’s indeed a noteworthy effort from Korea!

The storyline introduces a unique twist to a classic trope: Daniel Park (also known as Hyung Suk Park), once overlooked due to his plump appearance, suddenly finds himself in possession of a strikingly handsome alternate body. Intriguingly, when one body rests, the other awakens. However, newfound fame isn’t without its challenges.

“Lookism” delves deep into Daniel’s journey as he grapples with society’s fickle standards of beauty. Once subjected to prejudice because of his original looks, the experience of living in two bodies bestows upon him a novel perspective on beauty and superficial judgments.

As he traverses high school life, he forges friendships, tackles challenges, and addresses societal concerns surrounding physical appearances.

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7. Blood of Zeus (2020)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating7.5
Number of Episodes8 Episodes
Animation StudioPowerhouse Animation Studio |U.S.|
Mua Film & Hanho Heung-Up Co., Ltd |South Korea|
GenreAction, Supernatural.

“Blood of Zeus” is a distinctive animated series that draws inspiration from Greek mythology, infusing it with a fantastical spin. Produced in America, this series manages to captivate with its innovative storytelling and superior animation quality.

The narrative explores the life of a descendant of Zeus, who slowly comes to terms with his destiny as the protector of both gods and mankind. Determined to hone his skills, he undergoes rigorous training to confront formidable demons and monstrous beasts.

The heart of “Blood of Zeus” beats with the story of Heron, the demigod offspring of Zeus. As he unravels the truth of his celestial lineage, he embarks on a quest to thwart the vengeful Seraphim and his demonic legion from causing chaos among gods and humans.

Mentored by the wise goddess Athena, Heron grapples with his dual heritage and strives to master his powers. The looming question is: Can he rise to the occasion and safeguard everyone from impending doom?

6. Trese (2021)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating7.0
Number of Episodes6 Episodes
Animation StudioBASE Entertainment |Filipino|
GenreFantasy, Action

“Trese” is an anime series that showcases the Philippines as an emerging hub for animation excellence. Drawing inspiration from a Filipino comic series, this anime impressively delivers both in its intricate storyline and vibrant animation.

The story revolves around a determined female detective who traverses the nation, confronting menacing beasts and malevolent spirits. With her deep comprehension of these supernatural entities, she plays a pivotal role in maintaining equilibrium in the world.

Diving deeper, “Trese” chronicles the adventures of Alexandra Trese. As a detective specializing in the paranormal, she navigates the bustling streets of Manila, a city where contemporary life mingles seamlessly with mythological beings and folklore tales.

With her profound understanding of Philippine mythology and her innate ability to perceive the supernatural, Trese unravels complex cases intertwining humans and otherworldly entities. Yet, amidst this delicate balance, a lingering question remains: how long can she sustain this harmony?

5. The Daily Life of Immortal King (2020)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating7.2
Number of Episodes27 Episodes (2 Seasons)
Animation StudioHaoliners Animation League |China|
Pb Animation Co. Ltd. |China|
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Adventure

“The Daily Life of Immortal King” is an animated adaptation of a Chinese web novel bearing the same title. Despite its unique blend of 3D and 2D animation, the series garnered significant appreciation, with its compelling narrative further solidifying its stature in the anime industry.

The anime’s plot centers around an overpowered boy forced to reveal his powers to save his friends. The catch? He struggles to wield control over these immense abilities, adding layers of complexity to his challenges.

“The Daily Life of the Immortal King” centered around Wang Ling, a boy with powers to destroy the world in a glimpse. He must show his skills to defend his pals from danger while being kept low-key to lead a regular life.

The difficulties of education and protecting himself against otherworldly adversaries alternate daily in his life. Wang Ling’s exceptional abilities draw attention and controversy as he attempts to live an average life.

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4. The King’s Avatar (2017)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating7.5
Number of Episodes41 Episodes (3 Seasons)
Animation StudioB.CMAY PICTURES |China|
Colored Pencil Animation |China|

“The King’s Avatar” is an animated adaptation of a renowned Chinese novel. With its melding of top-tier animation and an engaging plot, the series stands as a testament to China’s prowess in crafting stories of overpowered protagonists.

The narrative revolves around a celebrated esports gamer who, after stepping away from the competitive scene, finds solace working at a gaming cafe. However, when he casually re-enters the gaming world, his exceptional skills turn heads, leaving many baffled about the identity of this seemingly rookie player.

At the heart of “The King’s Avatar” is Ye Xiu, formerly a prominent figure in the esports realm of the game “Glory.” After a falling out with his team, he reinvents himself, taking up a role as a night shift manager at an internet café.

Yet, the allure of “Glory” proves irresistible. With the introduction of the game’s tenth server, Ye Xiu plunges back into the virtual world, intent on reclaiming his title as the unparalleled player.

Armed with unmatched skills and a fresh team, he maneuvers the intricate landscape of esports, challenging rivals and redefining his legacy.

3. Castlevania (2017)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating8.3
Number of Episodes32 Episodes (4 Seasons)
Animation StudioPowerhouse Animation Studio |U.S.|
Mua Film & Tiger Animation |South Korea|
GenreSupernatural, Action, Horror

“Castlevania,” a standout Netflix original series, draws its roots from a beloved Japanese video game. Although the series charts its own narrative course, it remains true to the essence of its source material.

The sheer brilliance of its animation, reminiscent of the finesse of studios like ufotable in certain sequences, speaks volumes about its quality.

The narrative explores a fierce conflict pitting humans against vampires. In an unexpected twist, humanity’s hope hinges on an alliance with the son of the very vampire they seek to overthrow. But can this fragile alliance withstand the might of a vast vampire legion?

At the epicenter of “Castlevania” is Trevor Belmont, a relentless warrior battling the dark forces. He forms an unlikely trio with Sypha Belnades, a gifted magician, and Alucard, the dhampir offspring of Dracula.

Their collective mission? To thwart the malevolent Dracula, whose vengeful wrath upon the medieval world was ignited by the unjust execution of his beloved wife. But with adversaries as powerful as these, can our trio emerge victorious?

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2. Link Click (2021)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating8.6
Number of Episodes23 Episodes (2 Seasons)
Animation StudioLAN Studio |China|
GenreDrama, Supernatural

“Link Click” is the most famous Dongua (Chinese Anime) that has made its name in the anime industry. It follows a unique plot centered around time travel and is supported by quality animation in every episode. This can be considered the best try from China in animation regards.

The plot centers around two boys who can enter photos and change the past according to the customer’s demands. But a little mishap and the customer’s whole life might get altered.

The series “Link Click” tells the tale of two teenagers named Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi, who earn a living by examining the images that clients submit for review. Both main characters travel back to revisit the images and make changes.

However, there is always a chance of mistakes, and if they fumble even a tiny detail from the client’s background, this might hurt the client’s life. So, will these two be able to complete their task competently, or will they be held accountable?

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1. Arcane (2021)

Top 10 Anime Series That Non-Japanese Anime Studio Animated
IMDB Rating9.0
Number of Episodes9 Episodes
Animation StudioFortiche |France|
Riot Games |U.S.|
GenreSupernatural, Action, Mystery

“Arcane” is the epitome of animation achieved by a non-Japanese studio in recent times. It took almost six years to complete this amazing project. The story is based on the popular online game “League of Legends.” The 3D animation quality showcased in “Arcane” should indeed serve as a benchmark for Japanese studios.

The narrative unfolds around two sisters, Vi and Jinx, raised in the seedy depths of Piltover, a realm where illicit trades run rampant. Under the watchful eye of their guardian Vandar, the duo is shielded from the city’s darker elements.

However, their lives take a dramatic turn upon breaking into a scientific lab in Zaun. There, they stumble upon the Arcane, a relic imbued with boundless energy. This discovery sets them on a collision course, with the once-close siblings now standing as adversaries.

Amidst the chaos, lines between right and wrong blur, leaving viewers in suspense over the eventual victor.

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In conclusion, the world of anime isn’t solely the domain of Japanese studios. Here we highlighted the top ten anime series crafted by non-Japanese animators. We’d love to hear your opinions on this compilation and if there are other gems we might have overlooked. If you found this piece engaging, be sure to check out our other articles!

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