Top 20 Anime Waifus of All Time, Ranked

Since anime burst onto the mainstream scene, countless female characters have captured the hearts of fans, only to be forgotten as new favorites emerge. But few have transcended mere popularity to achieve the coveted status of “Waifu.”

Top Anime waifu

If you’re new to the term, ‘Waifus’ refers to female characters that viewers find romantically appealing or consider as their fictional significant others. Derived from the English word ‘Wife,’ ‘Waifu’ has become a playful way for anime enthusiasts to express their affection for particular characters.

But what makes a top-tier Waifu? It’s not just about looks or charm; it’s about being “wife material.” These are characters you can imagine sharing your life with, ones that resonate on a deeper level.

With that in mind, we’ve ranked the top 20 best Waifus ever. Our selection criteria include personality, connection with the audience, and ensuring that the characters are of legal age.

So, let’s dive into the top 20 anime waifus of all time without further ado.

20. Rindo Kobayashi

Rindo Kobayashi
AnimeFood Wars

Rindo Kobayashi is a standout character in the “Food Wars” series, where she shines as an elite cook. Among the other waifus of the anime, she is unique, not only for her culinary skills but also for her height. As the tallest of the elite cooks, her stature adds an extra touch of beauty to her character.

Rindo’s personality is both cheerful and complex. She often enjoys observing things from the background, displaying an extraordinarily carefree and whimsical attitude.

But what truly sets Rindo apart is her relationship with the series’ main character, Soma. She shows a particular interest in him and has a habit of teasing or goading him persistently.

19. Maki Oze

Maki Oze
AnimeFire Force

Maki Oze, a prominent character in the renowned shounen anime “Fire Force,” is a member of Shinra’s unit and a true force to be reckoned with. Her fiery spirit makes her a standout in the series, even though she often faces criticism for her seemingly brutish behavior.

Despite her tough exterior, Maki doesn’t conform to traditional “lady-like” behavior, setting her apart from her rivals. Her physical appearance, marked by well-defined muscles, might be intimidating to some, but it hides a softer side. Maki is, in fact, a hopeless romantic.

Perhaps her most endearing quality as a Waifu is her protective nature. With her strength and determination, she’s the type who would go to great lengths to shield her loved ones from harm.

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18. Emilia

anime waifus
AnimeRe Zero
OccupationCandidate To Become A Ruler

Emilia, the enchanting half-elf character from the “Re: Zero” light novel series, has captured the hearts of fans as a potential future ruler of the Dragon Kingdom. Her charm extends far beyond her royal aspirations, making her a beloved figure in the series.

At the core of Emilia’s appeal is her caring and compassionate personality. She genuinely loves the people in her kingdom and is always ready to lend a helping hand, even though she might shyly refuse to admit it.

One of Emilia’s endearing quirks is her tendency to use anachronistic words at random moments. This, combined with her slightly childish and clumsy nature, adds a touch of innocence to her character.

It’s no wonder that Subaru, the series’ protagonist, fell in love with her at first glance while also rejecting another cute waifu, Rem (another entry on this list).

17. Mirko

AnimeMy Hero Academia
OccupationProfessional Hero

Rumi Usagiyama, known by her Hero name “Mirko,” is a force to be reckoned with in the “My Hero Academia” manga and anime series.

As the number 5 pro hero on the Japanese Hero Billboard List, she’s earned her place among the elite with powerful legs that can take down mobs or villains with a single devastating hit.

But Mirko’s appeal goes beyond her physical prowess. Despite her menacing appearance, she is selfless, always putting others before herself. Her independent personality shines through in everything she does, as she prefers to handle challenges independently without seeking help.

What truly sets Mirko apart as a potential waifu is her protective nature. Given her personality, it’s easy to imagine her being fiercely protective of her future partner.

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16. Shinobu Kocho

AnimeKimetsu no Yaiba
OccupationDemon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho, a standout character from the cultural phenomenon “Demon Slayer,” has captured the hearts of fans with her grace, beauty, and strength.

As the insect hashira, she made a memorable debut and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most beautiful girls not only in “Demon Slayer” but in the entire anime world.

Shinobu’s personality is a complex blend of brightness and darkness. On the surface, she exudes a cheerful and approachable demeanor, but her past reveals a deeper layer.

Her decision to join the Demon Slayers was fueled by a personal tragedy when a demon took the lives of her parents. This loss has shaped her character, giving rise to a slightly sadistic side that manifests in her penchant for teasing others.

But it’s Shinobu’s combination of beauty, power, and cutest voice that truly sets her apart as a top-tier waifu.

15. Mikasa Ackerman

mikasa waifu
AnimeAttack on Titan

Almost everyone, even those who don’t typically watch anime, has heard of “Attack on Titan” and its characters. Among them, Mikasa Ackerman stands out as one of the three main protagonists of the series.

Mikasa’s backstory is one of tragedy and resilience. After witnessing the murder of her parents, she was taken in by Eren Jeager’s family. This harrowing experience shaped her into a fiercely loyal and protective individual, willing to pay any price to defend those she loves.

Her personality is often described as stoic, as she possesses an uncanny ability to endure almost any hardship without betraying her emotions. This strength, combined with her unwavering love for Eren, makes her a formidable character.

But it’s Mikasa’s combination of beauty, strength, and devotion that truly sets her apart as a top-tier waifu.

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14. Makima

makima cute
AnimeChainsaw Man
OccupationDevil Hunter

Emerging from the new series that took the animanga world by storm, named Chainsaw Man, Makima is the fan-favorite character of the series.

Makima’s personality is complex and tinged with narcissism. She views others as mere ‘dogs,’ tools to be used in furthering her own ambitions. This manipulative nature, combined with her role as the series’ main antagonist, sets her apart as one of the most intriguing and complex characters in all of anime and manga.

Makima’s inclusion on this list may be controversial, and she’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Her morally ambiguous nature and unorthodox appeal might not resonate with all fans. However, since the anime’s premiere, her fan following has significantly increased, thanks in part to her undeniable beauty.

Makima’s place on this list acknowledges the diversity of tastes within the anime community, recognizing that beauty and appeal can be found in unexpected and unconventional characters.

13. Tohru

AnimeFire Force
OccupationHouse Maid

Who doesn’t love a dragon, especially when that dragon takes on the form of a charming maid? Tohru, the beloved waifu from the whimsical anime “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” has captured the hearts of fans since the show first aired.

Tohru is no ordinary maid; she’s a dragon who can transform into a human form while keeping her wings, tail, and horns intact. This unique blend of mythical grandeur and domestic charm sets her apart from typical anime characters.

While being a maid, Tohru has a cute, clumsy, cheerful, and kind personality. She is head over heels for her master, Miss Kobayashi, and is not shy about her affections, making her a perfect waifu.

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12. Saber

AnimeFate Series

Artoria Pendragon, known as Saber due to her class, is a standout character from the acclaimed Fate series. A fearless fighter who is unafraid to get her hands dirty in any battle.

But Saber’s appeal goes beyond her prowess as a warrior. She is a trustworthy and determined servant, someone who can be relied upon to see a task through to its completion. However, if she is not engaged in a battle, she is kind to everyone near her.

The combination of strength and gentle kindness elevates Saber to the status of one of the best waifus in her series.

11. Erza Scarlet

erza scarlet
AnimeFairy Tail
OccupationS-Class mage

“Fairy Tail” may be known for its emphasis on friendship, but it also boasts a memorable cast of female characters, and Erza Scarlet stands tall among them. As one of the strongest mages in the series, Erza’s presence is felt both on and off the battlefield.

Erza’s character is defined by her unwavering sense of justice. Fearless and resolute, she never backs down, no matter the odds or the number of enemies she faces. Her determination is matched by her skill, making her a formidable force within the Fairy Tail universe.

But Erza is more than just a warrior. Her personality is complex and layered, marked by a strict and short-tempered demeanor that hides a surprising addiction to smut and erotica novels.

It’s this blend of strength, justice, beauty, and hidden complexity that makes Erza stand out from the cast of Fairy Tail and makes her the wife material.

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10. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory
AnimeHigh School DxD

From the world of “High School DxD,” one of the most famous ecchi anime series, comes Rias Gremory, a character who more than earns her spot on this list.

As the main female protagonist, she captivates fans with her long red hair, immense power, and the title of the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess.

But Rias is more than just a striking figure. She’s a devil with a heart, kind to her servants, and fiercely loyal to those she holds dear. Her kindness is balanced by a competitive streak that runs deep; she hates to lose and approaches every challenge with a determination to win.

Rias’s complexity extends to her relationship with the male main character, to whom she is engaged. Her role as a fiancée adds another layer to her character, reinforcing her status as a great waifu.

9. Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner
AnimeGurren Lagann
OccupationTeacher, Sniper

Yoko Littner, the main female protagonist of the mecha anime “Gurren Lagann,” is renowned as one of the best snipers in the world of anime. Her cool demeanor and remarkable pride in her rifle skills set her apart as a character who commands attention.

But Yoko is more than just a skilled marksman. She’s a complex character with a blend of maturity and a touch of clumsiness. Whether she’s taking down enemies with pinpoint accuracy or showing her more vulnerable side, Yoko’s multifaceted personality makes her an intriguing figure.

What truly elevates Yoko to waifu status is her ability to adapt to any situation. No matter how threatening or dire the circumstances, she maintains her composure, relying on her skills and instincts to navigate challenges. That is a trait that many people look for in real-life partner as well.

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8. Asuka Langely Soryu

Asuka Langely Soryu
OccupationEva Pilot

Asuka Langley Soryuu is a half-german and half-Japanese character from the renowned mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. With her fiery red hair and equally fiery temperament, Asuka embodies the essence of a tsundere, often masking her genuine emotions behind a facade of toughness.

Pride is a defining trait for Asuka, especially when it comes to her piloting prowess. She’s fiercely protective of her reputation and skills, and any slight or criticism can quickly ignite her temper.

Yet, beneath this fiery exterior lies a brave heart. Asuka’s courage in piloting the Evangelion has made her a beacon of hope, often standing as the last line of defense against apocalyptic threats.

Her relationship with Shinji, another main character, adds layers to her persona. While she harbors deep feelings for him, her fear of vulnerability and rejection compels her to keep those feelings hidden.

All of these traits, from her unyielding courage to her hidden tenderness, combined with her striking appearance, elevate Asuka Langley Soryuu to the status of one of the best waifus in anime.

7. Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin

The shounen-hit anime “Bleach” features a significant cast of female characters, but Yoruichi Shihoin always manages to stand out. With her darker skin, long hair, and the ability to transform into a black cat with golden eyes, she’s a unique presence in the series.

Yoruichi Shihoin embodies a ninja-like personality and is one of “Bleach’s” most influential and memorable characters. Despite having less screen time compared to other cast members, her popularity is unparalleled.

Yoruichi’s loyal, caring, and respectful personality remains consistent throughout the anime, earning her the title of the best waifu in “Bleach.”

Never one to back down, she always takes on her enemies head-to-head, demonstrating her courage and skill. Yoruichi is genuinely one of the best characters “Bleach” has to offer.

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6. Hinata Hyuga

hinata hyuga
AnimeNaruto Shippuden

Hinata Hyuga is a beloved character from the Shounen anime and manga series “Naruto,” and she plays a vital role in Naruto’s development.

Characterized as a dandere (a character who is often shy and quiet but warms up over time), Hinata has supported Naruto from the very beginning, even when the rest of the village bullied and neglected him.

Her love for Naruto blossomed during the Chunin Exams arc when he encouraged her never to give up, regardless of the circumstances. As the series progresses, Hinata evolves into an experienced shinobi, demonstrating her readiness to sacrifice her life for the village if needed.

What truly sets Hinata apart as one of the best waifus is her unwavering love for Naruto, despite him initially overlooking her feelings. Her devotion and affection resonate with many fans, as who wouldn’t want someone in their life who loves them as deeply and unconditionally as Hinata loves Naruto?

5. Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki
AnimeSword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki, the main female protagonist from the anime “Sword Art Online,” is the wife of Kirito Kirigaya. Together, they form one of the most iconic couples in anime history.

Asuna’s loving and caring personality shines through in her relationships, and she is even willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for those she wholeheartedly cares about.

In addition to her emotional strengths, Asuna possesses a remarkable ability to cook, both in the game world and in the real-life setting of the anime series. Her culinary skills, combined with her compassionate nature, make her an ideal character with all the qualities one would want in a waifu.

4. Zero Two

Asuna Yuuki
AnimeDarling in the Franxx
OccupationParasite (Pistil)

Zero Two is the standout character in the anime “Darling In the Franxx,” and many consider her the best part of the series.

While the anime has faced criticism for its storyline and execution, Zero Two’s character has been a saving grace. From the moment she was introduced, fans were captivated by her.

Known for her loyalty to the main character, Hiro, her ferocious attitude, and her charming appearance, Zero Two’s unique combination of traits has endeared her to viewers.

Her unwavering loyalty and captivating charm have made her a fan favorite, earning her the number four spot on this list.

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3. Mai Sakurajima

AnimeBunny Girl Senpai

Mai Sakurajima, known for her long black hair, is one of the most famous anime waifus and a central character in the “Bunny Girl Senpai” light novels and anime series.

A part-time actress and a third-year student, Mai initially appears cold and unapproachable. However, as the anime progresses, she learns to open up to those around her, revealing a tsundere personality (a character who is initially cold or hostile before showing a warmer, friendlier side).

Mai’s sarcastic demeanor and tendency to suppress her negative thoughts add complexity to her character. Despite these traits, her willingness to endanger herself to protect her loved ones demonstrates her deep care and commitment, making her an excellent waifu in the series.

2. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise, one of the most brilliant anime characters ever, is a central figure in the time manipulation series “Steins;gate.”

As one of the main characters, Kurisu often maintains a mature and serious demeanor, yet she’s not above displaying a sarcastically genius wit in certain situations.

Her tsundere personality has endeared her to fans, who have fallen in love with her jokes and realistic outlook on life. One of the main reasons Makise is so beloved is her relatability.

Kurisu’s personality contrasts sharply with her lab partner, Rintarou Okabe, who exhibits a chunibyo (delusional) personality. Her intelligence and creativity, combined with her complex character traits, make Kurisu perfect waifu material.

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1. Rem

anime waifu

Of course, this list must include the flawless waifu, Rem. A character from the “Re: Zero” light novel and anime series, Rem serves as a maid to Emilia, the Dragon Kingdom’s potential future ruler.

With an adorable personality and face, Rem stands out from everyone else mentioned in this list. She’s known for her resolute loyalty to Emilia and an easygoing nature that sets her apart. When it comes to fighting, she’s also a fierce warrior.

Rem’s love for the main character, Subaru, is unrequited, leading to empathy from fans, some of whom even criticize Subaru for rejecting her. As a skilled maid, Rem can cook, clean, and manage a mansion flawlessly. If you’re looking for a waifu who is loyal and caring, Rem is the one.

So, there you have it—the top 20 waifus of all time, each with their unique personalities and quirks. Have we missed any of the best ‘waifu material’ girls? Let us know in the comments. For more articles, you can visit our main page.

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